Friday, October 7, 2016

2016 COMC purchase: this George is Gorgeous

Fresh off of bragging about my newest Charlie Gehringer cut (hey--three days is sort of fresh, right?), I'm back with another highish-end hit of a Hall of Famer who played his college ball in Ann Arbor:
George Sisler 2015 Panini National Treasures bat (#35/99)
My George Sisler collection isn't terribly large--mostly modern sets that feature some of the game's legends--plus he's a guy from a much earlier era, so his better stuff justifiably goes for a premium.  That would explain my lack of a real hit, an autograph or non-manufactured relic, up to this point.  As a matter of fact, I have three manurelics of the St. Louis/Boston legend, but that was never gonna be good enough for me.

Enter two positive aspects of the hobby:  Panini and COMC.  The former produces some fun cards, and sans MLB license said cards tend to be more affordable if you can get over the lack of logos.  The latter was my (even more) affordable source for this game-used (remember those?!) bat relic out of Panini's classy National Treasures product.  I'm not kidding when I say the price was right--I paid  ridiculous $4.85 for this guy.  I consider that more than fair even as someone who's become skeptical of and less interested in relic cards.

That'll do it for the COMC cards I'll be showing off on this here blog, but I have a nice little handful of more baseball PC guys over on TMM this evening, so if that piques your interest, please head on over!


  1. Isn't COMC awesome? Don't know how I ever collected cards without it.

    Under $5 for a Sisler bat card? Man, that is a steal! Really nice HOFer find. And your Gehringer auto collection is very impressive as well.

    1. Thanks for reading, Chris! I could hardly believe it myself. I've had good luck with some Gehringer auctions in the last few months with more money than usual to play with since my overall purchasing this year has been way, way down.