Wednesday, July 6, 2016

7/2/16 card show report: lucky 7 PC cards

As I mentioned in Monday's post I did reasonably well for myself at the Taylortown show last Saturday considering I spent just $12 (and another $11 on supplies, but that doesn't count towards my monthly budget).

One of my buys was 10 cards from a set-filler for a dime apiece, and you can see each of those over on TMM this evening.  The rest came from one of my favorite guys there, and he knocked a buck off of my $12 total comprising four $2 cards and 16 that were a quarter per.  Again, most of those are posted over on TMM, plus a couple are trade bait, but the other seven, once again hitting my big four baseball PCs, are right here:
Ken Griffey Jr. 1995 Leaf Opening Day
Just one Junior Griffey today, from this '95 Leaf insert.  How did he celebrate Opening Day in 1995?  By socking a three-run homer to beat my Tigers.
Tony Gwynn 1993 Upper Deck Then and Now
One of two Gwynns today, this one wouldn't look out of place in a Denny's set, and that makes sense since it's an early-90s Upper Deck hologram.
Tony Gwynn 2015 Donruss Tony Gwynn Tribute (#4)
This one came out of a Gwynn-centric insert last year, and in general if you've seen one you've seen them all--the only thing that differs on the front is the achievement highlighted.  In this case it's Tony's eight batting titles being celebrated on this foil-y tribute to Mr. Padre.
Greg Maddux 1994 Finest
Maddux was the other player from today's quartet that's only represented once, but if his base card from the '94 Finest "Fruit Rollup" set isn't enough for you I don't know what is.  It may not hail from the prior year's inaugural product but for a quarter I'd grab it any day.
Cal Ripken Jr. 1992 Triple Play Gallery of Stars
Cal Ripken Jr. 1995 Leaf Opening Day
Cal Ripken Jr. 1997 Ultra Top 30
Finally, Ripken had the best day of all with three new cards, all of which are '90s inserts!  It took me a while to track down the set name of the Diamond King-like Gallery of Stars card because it came up as "Gallery" in Beckett's system (nice job, guys) and is actually from Donruss' Triple Play product; cool card either way.  I also dug up Cal's issue from the '95 Leaf Opening Day set, and the back notes that game one of that season was his 2,010th consecutive game on the way to setting a new mark later that season.  Finally, I came up with one of the many fun mid-to-late 90s Ultra inserts in the form of a Top 30 card from '97.  Interestingly enough, that card notes his streak at the time was up to 2,316.

I certainly had fun adding new stuff to four of my favorite PCs for just $1.75!  To see how I spent the rest of my show money, please head on over to Too Many Manninghams this evening.


  1. 97 Ultra was awesome. I still look for Pirates in that set.

    1. I'm so glad we're collecting doppelgangers!