Saturday, April 16, 2016

2016 trade package #10: Fuji's fabulous finds

Everybody's favorite Fuji, (unless you're an old-school WWF fan, maybe?) Mark from the Chronicles of Fuji sent me another great package of cards, marking the second time already he's done so this year.  As many of my favorite trade envelopes are, this one is split up into a two-part post because Fuji included some Wolverines to show off over on TMM as well!

Here's the TMV portion for your viewing pleasure:
This first group comprises Tigers I keep sorted by player in my Detroit box (a monster box that includes the other three teams from the city), meaning they're all guys of whom I'm happy to continue receiving cards (hint hint!).  Miggy's 2014 All-Star insert is done up in the style of Topps' 80s cards honoring those players, a nice throwback.  Clark was a good player in Detroit for long enough that I'm still happy to find stuff of his.  Cobb and his productive grip are no-brainers as well.  Cecil Fielder (a.k.a. the less dysfunctional of the father-son playing duo) is today's big winner with four cards, including a '95 Leaf insert that pairs him up with fellow Tigers stalwart and corner infielder Travis Fryman (hi, "90s inserts rule!" tag).  Finally, erstwhile Tigers outfields Torii Hunter and Ajax appear in the form of 2013 Bowman Gold parallels.
Another erstwhile 2013 Bowman Gold Tiger, Max Scherzer, didn't fit in with the first scan.  A '97 Score Board insert focusing on Detroit makes an obvious selection (Barry Sanders) and two that are very "HUH?" to say the least--Matt Drews (a former Yankees first-round bust traded to Detroit) and Scot Pollard, a forgettable first-rounder that played a season for the Pistons.  Getting in on the insert action are former pitchers John Doherty and Mike Moore from '94 Pinnacle's Museum Collection parallel (another favorite).  Another pitcher (and unfortunate bust) Chad Petty appears on a rare-ish 2001 Topps Gold Label Class 3 version, numbered 106/299, and you don't see too many cards of that level all that often.  Finishing up with oddball stuff, former Detroit catcher Dwight Lowry highlights a strip of 1987 Coca-Cola Tigers card, along with Chet Lemon, Dan Petry, and a checklist part of the mix.  They're joined by 2013 Panini Cooperstown Colgan's Chips discs of a pair of Tigers pitching greats, Jim Bunning and Hal Newhouser.  Very cool!
Mickey Lolich 1970 Topps (#72) (with Sam McDowell and Andy Messersmith)
Mickey Lolich 1972 Topps (#94) (with Vida Blue and Wilbur Wood)
Speaking of older players, how about this sweet pair of multi-player leaders cards featuring '68 World Series hero Mickey Lolich, both of which are heading to my vintage collection.  The '70 card clearly calls out leaders in strikeouts while the '72 card (one of two leader cards on which Lolich appears) showed off the top winners in the junior circuit, with Mickey taking the crown thanks to his 25 victories.  I love getting vintage cards in trades, especially ones I don't have, and especially especially Tigers!
Justin Verlander 2013 Gypsy Queen No-Hitters and 2013 Topps 1972 Topps Mini
And what better way to end another great trade package than showing off two (of many) Verlanders?  Since these came out in 2013 the GQ insert focusing on no-hitters was able to note JV's pair against Milwaukee (2007) and Toronto (2011).  Meanwhile I did my best to show the Mini insert to scale.  Keep sending 'em and I'll keep posting 'em, folks!

Well, technically that's not the end, because I also have to show off Fuji's newest custom, even though you've all surely seen it a ton by now:
What a well-done custom!  But Fuji, next time go with something from another brand, I bet you could do justice to a different set too.  Thanks again for some fantastic cards!


  1. Chad Petty looks like he's operating a hand puppet version of himself on that card, "say hello to all the nice blog readers Little Chad."

    1. Aaaaannnnd thanks for the nightmares, Tony!