Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Player collections: Alan Trammell

Last year I embarked on a project to get a number of my player collection guys scanned, and that remains a big-time work-in-progress.  However, this afternoon I finally finished labeling and uploading cards for one of those players;  Alan Trammell.  Compared to some of the other guys getting him scanned wasn't as bad--with today's uploads he sits at a decent 107 cards, a number I hope to grow quite a bit this year.

As I like to do when I put up these posts, I'm grabbing some favorites to show off in a few fun categories that randomly came to me as I was sorting through stuff.  I hope my fellow members of Team Tram enjoy this look at cardboard of one of the Tigers' all-time greats!

Portrait of the artist as a young(ish) man:

Faces of fielding:

(L):  "Oooooooooh..."     (R):  "Gotta stay awake, gotta stay awake..."

(L):  "There's no 'I' in 'fielding'...wait..."     (R):  "HAHA, caught your line drive!  Pbbbbbt!"

"Yum, gum!"

Turnin' two and flyin' high!:

Having fun:

Tribute to Tram:

The Finest Fan Favorite Great of the Game:

Chillin' at home:


  1. I think the Greats of the Game are my favorite followed closely by the Finest card.

  2. Those seem like nice choices. I'd already scanned some of my better Trammell stuff (these mostly came from complete sets and some loose cards from trades) so the GotG stuff kind of ended up being ringers in this post.