Sunday, November 1, 2015

2015 trade package #27 and 28: two-part, two-part trade with SCFtDS

I'm kicking off November with a post highlighting two envelopes from one of my favorite trade partners, Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.

About two or three weeks ago, I received a nice bubble mailer from Mr. Corti, my neighbor from the northeast (mostly east!).  It included a five-spot of Tigers and a Red Wing:
Price had already made his way to Doug's Jays (congrats again on their fun playoff run!), but the rest are still Detroit mainstays, and the highlight is the V-Mart Refractor from 2012 Topps Chrome.  Nothing against the 2013 Topps Chrome Verlander, though, which was somehow new to my PC!

Young Red Wings star F Tomas Tatar was a nice inclusion as well, and I look forward to finding out if he can build on his excellent second full season of last year.

That was it for this blog's portion of that first envelope, but then a PWE arrived not long after.  Doug had already surprised me by emailing me a Topps redemption code, which I entered immediately, and he was nice enough to toss the physical redemption card into that PWE:
I was pretty excited about this as I didn't have anything yet of McCann, an up-and-coming catcher for the Tigers.  As luck would have it, the card arrived from Topps the same day as Doug's PWE: 
And here it is scanned properly outside of its Topps-loader (see what I did there?):
James McCann 2015 Bowman Chrome Rookie Autographs Refractor auto (#075/499)
Very nice!  A sharp blue ink, on-card signature on a Refractor--what's not to like?  McCann is a catcher out of the U of Arkansas and was Detroit's first pick (second round) in 2011 (after losing a first-rounder for signing V-Mart).  After a nine-game cameo last year, he was solid in 114 games this season with a .264 average and 7 HR plus 5(!) triples.  With former starter Alex Avila likely to depart, James might just be the heir apparent, so I'm thrilled to have a nice hit of his already.

As always, there's plenty more to see (two envelopes' worth!) over at TMM, so don't forget to check those out too.

Thanks again for some fun new additions, Doug!  I've already got a decent start on a return package for you, plus I should be hitting a show next weekend, so some cards should be crossing the border over to you before much longer.


  1. I've tried several times to get a McCann auto for you, but failed. Glad Doug was able to get one.

    1. Well I'm happy with this one, but I'd be happy with more too since he seems to have a future with the team.