Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6/6/15 card show report: PC pickups large and small

A couple Saturdays ago I hit up the monthly card show in Taylor for my usual PC/trade bait spending spree and had another productive day for less than $50.  Here's what I landed this time:
I'm a broken record but, while I can't stand Denny's, the cards they produced in the 90s are still fun.  For less than $1--I got this with other $1 items at a nice discount--I landed this set of Denny's Holograms from 1992.  It would have been cool enough grabbing the cards for that much so I was pleased to get the album as well.  The '92 set's cards are all hologram on the front, as you can see here,
and focus on players with at least one career grand slam.  Jack Clark (9) and Kent Hrbek (7) pace the group which does include more universal star power in Barry Bonds, Ryne Sandberg, and Cal Ripken Jr. to balance out guys like Kal Daniels and Luis Polonia.  I'll show off the set in its entirety in a future post since I need to scan the Ripken anyway.

And now some PC guys:
First up is this Kirk Gibson die-cut parallel of one of his base cards from '95 SP Championship.  His three years of postseason play noted at the top were 1984, 1987, and 1988.  Gibby of course made it to the Series in '84 and '88 and was a winner each time. 
Next is a fun trio of Griffeys:  1990 Sportflix, 1995 SP, and 1996 Ultra.  I chose these because holograms are always cool, the SP has a gorgeous design and shows Junior celebrating winning the '95 ALDS over the Yanks with his winning run, and I love the shot of a grinning, backwards-hatted Kid on the Ultra.
I found just one Tony Gwynn for his collection this time, but even one at a time is fine.  This Hot Commodities insert from 1997 UD has a very cool (hot?) design featuring big flames in the background surrounded by a smoky black border.  The previous year's version was great in its own right and I'll have to grab my PC guys from those as well! 
You might say I had a bit more luck with Greg Maddux at this show thanks to these eight newbies:  1987 Fleer Update and Topps Traded XRCs, 1996 Score Dugout Collection and 1997 Score Showcase Series parallels, 2001 Topps HD, 1998 Topps Etch-a-Sketch, and 1998 UD All-Star Credentials.  There's a lot to like here, from Mad Dog's young mug on a pair of '87 cards, to the gimmicky but cool HD base card, to a couple fun fun inserts from the late 90s.  By the way, that's not all I grabbed:
One of my favorite sellers, from whom I grabbed the Denny's set above, also had this '93 Stadium Club Master Photo of Maddux in his $1 pile.  Who can pass these up?!  There's a chance I have this very base card and just haven't scanned it, so maybe I'll get around to it eventually.  Hooray for nine new cards for the best pitcher of my time! 
Finally, I found a very nice total of six new Ripkens for his collection.  Like Griffey earlier I found his '90 Sportflics base, and to that I added a 1995 Donruss Dominators insert that includes fellow HOFer Barry Larkin(!) and...Wil Cordero.  To be fair, Cordero had a very nice strike-shortened '94 with the upstart Expos.  Next is 1996 Upper Deck #1, which celebrates the top moment of 1995.  (Out of order) we then have a '99 UD View to a Thrill insert, Cal's Class 1 base card from 1998 Topps Gold Label, and his 2010 Topps Turkey Red insert.  It was a good day to be a (cheap) Ripken collector!

Don't think I completely ignored my Tigers, though, as I picked up each of the next three cards for just a buck apiece:
From 2013 Topps flagship and Gypsy Queen, here's a pair of jersey relics of former Tiger Austin Jackson.  The seller had a few copies of each, most of which had the usual plain white swatch, but I found these which were a bit more interesting.  Although I'm no fan of the GQ base set I do love that it includes Topps' ubiquitous framed hits, so the mini is my favorite of the pair, though I'm happy to add both.  I now have seven AJax hits, and though he's a Mariner, I'd be glad to add more of him during his Tigers tenure.
And lastly, I picked up this Rick Leach IP auto (of his '84 Topps base card) because I collect him and I have no reason to believe this was faked given how much Leach has signed in the area recently.  It's fun collecting him as a Wolverine/Tiger double-dipper, and for $1 you just can't go wrong.

Though my haul there isn't quite as plentiful, please make sure to check out tonight's TMM post as it includes a few other things I purchased from this show!

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  1. Wow... a Denny's hologram set (in a binder) for less than a buck? Great find. I bought a lot of Moons over My Hammy back in the day trying to complete Denny's sets and they were much more than a buck.