Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2015 trade package #14: Tigers on stickers and cards from Cards on Cards

Everyone's favorite Cardinals/Ducks collector Kerry from Cards on Cards sent another generous trade package southeast all the way across the country and to my mailbox a couple weeks ago, so now I get to have fun showing it off.  Here's the impressive stack of stuff he sent:
The package comprised about 99% Tigers, which was fine by me.  Here's a bunch of guys I like to collect, including current Tigs Avila, Cabrera, Castellanos, and Davis.  The Sean Casey reminded me that I wanted to move his small collection over to my Tigers box thanks to good memories of his time here.  And though he doesn't pitch for us anymore I hope Fister gets healed up soon!
Remember how I said this was just about all Tigers?  It's also almost entirely Topps brands, with a few exceptions.  Iglesias, Kinsler, and V-Mart are the only current players, but they're surrounded by some of my favorites of the past in Guillen, Hunter, A-Jax, and of course, Kaline, in the form of a nice duo!
Down to just two current guys in V-Mart (again) and Anibal, but the other guys are definitely memorable, including the large-headed Polanco, new 2015 Red Sox starter Porcello, 2006 veteran ace Rogers, heterochromia enthusiast Scherzer, Rays up-and-comer Smyly, and power-hitting Delmon (the Young brother I actually liked on the Tigers).
To wrap up the Topps Tigers, here's a quartet of Heritage cards (with two variations?) bookending a trio of Topps/Opening Day inserts from this year, including OF prospect Steven Moya and ghoulish (but talented!) Michigan native Jack White.
The main non-Topps items:  these 1990 Panini stickers!  These are from an era where I actively sought to complete Panini's sticker books so I may have them in that form (which might make for an interesting future post), but definitely not in unstuck condition, so these are great!  The Tram and Sweet Lou go towards their PCs, and this one just happens to be Whitaker's 150th different item, so hooray for that!
Speaking of hitting my PCs, Kerry hit a couple others, including former blog namesake Granderson, seen here on a 2009 Heritage issue, along with...
SIX cards of current blog title honoree Justin Verlander!  These are from (chronologically, not scanologically) 2011 Topps A&G, Attax and Chrome, 2012 Topps Heritage, and 2012 Triple Play.
And finally, the Cardinals fan sent me a card of his favorite team's current skipper, though it turns out to be a Brewer on a card--Michigan Man(ager) Mike Matheny.  That's #56 in my collection of the catcher-turned-manager and features a great photo on yet another garish Pacific design!

Thanks a ton for, uh, a ton of great stuff, Kerry!  I've put together a few new things to send your way and will likely do so pretty soon after an upcoming show.


  1. Great stuff from Kerry! I like the Heritage quad rookies that feature awesome pitcher face from Jared Hughes.

    1. I always love trade packages from Kerry since he really loads them up with stuff I like. Someone should really do a PC of awesome pitcher face!