Tuesday, April 21, 2015

2015 Justcommons purchase: managing to find more Gibbys

Time to show off some recent pickups from a large Justcommons purchase--my largest in fact at more than 150 cards!  Today's subject is Kirk Gibson, a player known for his time with the Tigers (and a few games with the Dodgers, Pirates, and Royals, I guess).  I managed to bolster Gibby's collection with the following nine cards:
Kirk Gibson 1992 Topps Gold Winners
Gibby was the epitome of a winner with the Tigers and Dodgers; the Royals, not so much.  Although Kirk had a decent season for the '91 Kansas City squad in his only year with the team, they went 82-80 and finished 13 games behind the AL West best Twins.
Kirk Gibson 1994 Score Gold Rush
After a forgettable 16 games in 1992 with the Pirates (who certainly weren't forgettable in another classic 4-3 series loss to the Braves), Kirk was back home with Detroit in '93, and he put up a few more decent numbers, though it was clear his best, or at least healthiest, days were behind him.  Here he is from Score's first parallel set way back in 1994.
Kirk Gibson 2001 Topps Limited
Topps included this classic Gibson moment in its 2001 50th anniversary flagship set, so when they produced less than 4000 "Limited" factory sets on glossy, thicker card stock, this "Golden Moment" was included, naturally.  By the way, that's it for our run of gold-themed cards!
Kirk Gibson 2002 UD Piece of History
But our celebration of his '88 season certainly isn't done yet.  This set from Upper Deck captured some of the game's more prominent players and achievements, so it wasn't going to be caught dead without mentioning the '88 World Series game 1 homer.  I like that it also mentions his NL MVP from that year, since it seems to get lost in the shuffle sometimes.
Kirk Gibson 2005 Diamond Kings Framed Red
Gibson looks a bit older here as a member of former manager Alan Trammell's staff, but it's clear from his coaching and managing tenure that he hadn't lost any of that fire he showed as a player ever single day.  Kudos to Donruss for labeling him as a "Legend" in this beautiful set, including this Red Framed parallel.
Kirk Gibson 2005 Upper Deck Classics
I'd say Upper Deck nailed the "classics" theme with this card, wouldn't you?  10 years after his final game in Motown Gibby is pictured in a throwback uniform of his first and last team, eyeblack smeared like war paint and short sleeves offering two tickets to the gun show.
Kirk Gibson 2012 Topps Heritage
Kirk Gibson 2013 Topps Heritage
Kirk Gibson 2014 Topps Heritage
These final three cards depict Kirk as manager of the Diamondbacks, and he held that post from about midway through 2010 (interim) to last year.  While his overall 353-375 record wasn't exactly shiny, he did bring Arizona a nice (and surprising) 94-68 2011 campaign, including a playoff berth, before going from middling to bad.  It's just as well that he's gone, though, as Arizona made some hilariously confusing moves over the offseason.  Lucky for Detroit fans he's now available to call games on TV sometimes, but who knows when his next coaching opportunity might come along?

That's a new total off 139 Gibson cards, and I look forward to showing off more as I get them!

Please also check out my post on TMM tonight as I display more Justcommons pickups--these of Mike Matheny, Hal Morris, and Chris Sabo.


  1. I just came so close to picking up an awesome Gibson card for you. It got away at the last second. I was pissed.

    1. Thanks for looking anyway! And no worries, I've got so many collections I can't be too disappointed if I miss out on something.

  2. Did not know Gibson was a Royal.

    1. Yeah, well obviously you didn't miss anything earth-shattering! I think his brief stint with the Pirates may be even more obscure.