Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 trade package #11: check out my Gibby from GSNHoF

My next two-part trade package comes from that smelly state underneath mine, but Tim, who runs the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame, is an outstanding and very generous trader that exhibits all of the good qualities typical of a person from anywhere other than Ohio.  The SpastikMooss has found his calling as a flipper on COMC, balancing collecting and selling in a way most of us could only dream of, and that leads to some great trades between us.  Most recently I sent him a group of cards centered on one of his newer PCs, Shyrone Stith, and in return he sent back some stuff he was nice enough to track down for me on COMC.  Seriously, take a gander at his port once in a while--it's something I enjoy doing because it changes so often!

Because he's cool enough to put in the effort to find my Michigan guys, most of my haul is over on TMM as usual, but I did notice a card in his port one day that I knew I had to ask him for, and Tim was generous enough to include it in this very package:
Kirk Gibson 2002 Stadium Club World Champion Relics jersey
Kirk Gibson cards are nice.  Kirk Gibson Tigers cards are nicer.  Kirk Gibson Tigers hits are nicest.  And Kirk Gibson Tigers hits celebrating the 1984 World Series are the nicest-est!  I thought Topps did a nice job of designing this relics set back in 2002, and I think well enough of it that this is now the third card (Trammell bat, Maddux jersey) I've acquired, and there's others I'd love to add, especially Lou Whitaker's; Gibby also has a bat version I'll try to find.

I'm happily adding this to my Gibson PC, which I recently pretty much completed scanning.  As one of more than 100 cards it's my eighth hit, comprising three autographs and five relics.  Speaking of the latter, this one is noted multiple times on the card as "regular season game-worn."  I don't particularly care that it didn't come from a postseason jersey from that year, but the fact that it might actually be "game-worn" is nice!

Tim, thanks again for a fun package, and hopefully I can contribute more to your PCs, especially the new ones!


  1. I don't remember those Stadium Club World Champion relics. Pretty cool!

    1. Yeah, I always thought they were fun even with the tiny relics. It's great to get cards that celebrate players that don't always get tons of hobby love.