Sunday, November 9, 2014

11/2 card show report: TTTC #1

Another month, another card show!  Though I hadn't planned on it at the start of the year, I've now I attended five shows this year, with pretty good results.

With Gibraltar Trade Center's imminent demise in Taylor, I went to a different location in the same city to a show promoted by some of the same regulars from Gibraltar (and I'm glad to see they landed on their feet).  The new place is called the Taylor Town Trade Center, a bit north of the old place.  It's more like a smaller indoor flea market in a strip mall, but it's less rednecky and lacks the cigarette stench of Gibraltar, so despite being much smaller, it has its pluses.

I arrived late-ish last Sunday so I didn't have a lot to choose from, and I actually only bought stuff from one seller, a former Gibraltar regular.  I hit his quarter and $0.50 boxes hard then added a couple singles for a grand total of just $20.  The vast majority of that went to low-end stuff for trade packages (I hope y'all like Refractors!) while the next biggest bunch can be seen on TMM tonight.  Meanwhile, here's a quick look at two cards I grabbed for PCs I feature here at last week's show:
I couldn't remember if I already had this 1972 multiplayer RC, and indeed it turns out that Mark Hoyle sent it to me in his second package back in August.  Oh well, it was just a quarter, and I'm happy to have two, or if anyone needs a copy I'll be happy to PWE it their way!

My other Tiger find was this great George Kell from Donruss' 2004 Classics set.  Classics existed from 2001-2005, and really all five designs look fantastic.  I'd say my favorite is the 2002 version, but I don't think you can really go wrong.  Maybe I'll try to grab all of them at some point!  Anyway, despite the sepia tone of the photo and design, the card has a modern feel to it, including serial numbering (#1879/1999) on the back.  It's kind of part of the base set (which has a silver tone to it instead) but is short-printed (obviously, hence the numbering) as part of a group of Legends.  I don't have a ton of Kell stuff since he's not as popular as his former partner Al Kaline, so this was a fun add for a quarter.

Watch for some new trade packages featuring stuff from this show in the future!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, definitely a very nice set. I actually forgot that I do have the 2003 base set, so maybe I will try to track down the other four!

  2. The 72 rookie card looks in a little better shape than the one I sent you.

    1. I dunno, maybe I just cropped more vintage wear out of this scan. Either way, you sent me the first copy I got, so thanks again for that.