Sunday, October 19, 2014

2014 trade package #30: SCFtDS TPTP: Tigers

That's a Sports Cards From the Dollar Store two-part trade package for those of you who couldn't read my mine.  Doug, my favorite Canadian blogger/trader sent another great package my way that I'm able to divide among both my blogs (catch the rest over at TMM).

Have a gander at the Tigers Mr. Corti sent my way:
Here's some Motowners new and old (and maybe soon to be old).  Blog namesakes Granderson and Verlander highlight the group, as do Tettleton, one of my favorites, and Cabrera.  Possible free agent departures V-Mart and Scherzer join the action with closer (minus the "C") Joe Nathan.  Doug also included an EEE base of IF prospect Devon Travis, #2 on Detroit's BA top 10 before this season.  His future depends on what Detroit does with Ian Kinsler, but his bat should earn him some looks in the Bigs before much longer.
Hey, I've been out by those statues!  Doug also threw in a few "vintage" cards too.  I think I'd like to pick up some of those old Donruss Rookies sets as they usually include a few good players among the guys that never made it.
Corey Knebel 2013 Bowman Sterling Prospect auto
And here's the Tigers hit of the package, a nice on-card auto of pitching prospect Corey Knebel.  He was included in this year's midseason deal with Texas in which the Tigers tried to bolster their tire fire of a bullpen with Joakim Soria.  Knebel was Detroit's #7 prospect on the pre-season BA list, though I'm unclear on whether or not he'll end up a starter or in the bullpen.

Thanks for another fun two-parter, Doug!  I may very well have a return package on your way this week that's bursting at the seams with hits.  Readers, here's my usual reminder to head over to Sports Cards From the Dollar Store regularly.


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    1. True that, he's never sent me a bad one, although I suppose his fellow Canadians would consider it not very polite if he did.

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    1. That literally describes every package I've ever received from Doug.