Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014 COMC purchase: the JV trio

"JV" refers to both the initials of this blog's namesake as well as the level he's unfortunately been pitching at this season, although to be fair, pitchers do age and have to learn how to pitch when their stuff isn't what it once was.  Plus there's still plenty of time to right the ship!

Anyway, while I was scoring gobs of cards for the collections featured on my other blog, I picked up a trio of new Verlanders for his PC:
Justin Verlander 2012 and 2013 Topps Tribute
Tribute is a crazy expensive brand where the cost almost always vastly outweighs the reward.  The solution:  let some chump who's easily parted with his money bust the wax and you can buy the cards at dirt cheap prices!  These shiny, thick, premium base cards each set me back less than a buck, plus they look fantastic.  I also like seeing a couple different variations of the Tigers' jerseys.

Justin Verlander 2013 Pinnacle Pinnacle of Success
This was my real favorite on the day.  A translucent beauty, this insert hails from Panini's unlicensed 2013 Pinnacle set, but fortunately the lack of logo is only noticeable on JV's hat, and that's only a minor quibble since the rest of the card demands your attention.  Pinnacle came up with some very cool and innovative inserts in the 90s and Panini honored that with this set!

I've got a ton more Verlanders to scan--you might say too many (ha ha ha...sigh)--but I look forward to being able to show a lot more off when I can set aside the time.

By the way, I have a June COMC package heading my way soon, and that includes one card I'll be excited to show off over here.