Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 19 card show report part 2 of 2: quarter/$0.50 boxes and more!

It's Thursday and I'm finally getting around to showing off the rest of my haul from last Saturday's show.  My post on Sunday covered the 2013 UD Football box I grabbed while my TMM post on Monday included the Wolverines I landed.  Today's includes cards I kind of alluded to in that TMM post, when I mentioned my two non-box purchases:

  • Three hits in a three for $5 deal, plus a pair of Wolverines for $10, totaling $15
  • 25 quarter cards from a box where they were 25 for $5, and 24 $0.50 cards where the deal was 12 for $5, so another $15 there
Besides what you see below, a bunch of what I picked up was trade bait, mostly of the variety that'll allow me to send out a bunch of PWEs very soon!  Nothing huge, but fun stuff for everyone involved, I think.  Considering I flipped through probably eight monster boxes worth of singles, I think I did pretty well.

Here's what I landed for myself:

These all came out of the $0.25 and $0.50 boxes.  I hit two of my major non-Tiger PCs in Gwynn and Maddux, and I'm always happy to add fun inserts of guys like that.  If you guys like the middle UD Gwynn insert, I'll give a little teaser that someone's gonna get that insert of a player they really like!  I already have the '96 Ultra On-Base Leaders Gwynn (a set that taught me about the statistic, by the way), but this one is the Gold Medallion version, as you can see in the bottom-right corner.  The rest of this scan goes Braves heavy as I picked up both the 10th Anniversary Preview and 10th Anniversary Team inserts of Maddux from 1999 UD.  The Chipper was a cool looking insert celebrating Atlanta's '95 title, and I have good memories of him playing in the '90s and 2000s.  Next, I found a pair of Hudson Refractors, which seemed like a good idea since I'm starting to collect him a bit more.  And finally, I dug up a Lou Whitaker 2nd-year card from 1979 Topps, which was as "sweet" as Lou was.

Next up is the majority of cards I found in the $0.50 box.  A few--maybe three or four--were together early on and my interest was piqued.  Then I found more and assembled all I could find.  As it turns out, these are the Hall of Fame Plaque inserts from 2002 Fleer Fall Classics.  It's a 30-card set done up in the style of a Hall of Fame plaque (including die-cutting) that features an embossed image of the player on the front and a brief write-up that spans both sides, followed by serial-numbering to the year of the player's enshrinement, like-a so:
It looked like a fun set to work on, and since I was able to pick up 19 of the 30 cards for under $10, I decided to go for it!  The group of 11 I'm missing includes some of the bigger names, but I doubt I'll have too much difficulty completing the set at a reasonable price.  You can find my wants on my recently-reinstated baseball set wantlist.  I'll show off the whole set when I have it.

Troy Tulowitzki 2007 Ultra Rookie Autographs auto (#284/499)
Finally, I landed this Tulo autograph (my second, actually) from the other guy that also had a couple Wolverines for me.  When I saw this card in the 50-count plastic case with other hits, I figured he'd tell me it didn't belong there, but to my surprise he didn't bat an eyelash.  How much do you think I paid?  $10?  At least $5, right?  No way, dude--this was one of the three hits I landed for just $5 total!  Did this guy know something about Tulowitzki I don't?  Whatever the case, it was a great score for me, along with a couple hits I'll be sending in a future trade.  I'm adding this to my baseball autograph PC, but I'm also open to trading it if anyone would like to make me a tempting offer.  There was no way I could go wrong getting this card for less than $2, either to keep or trade, and I'd have to call it my find of the show.

So that's how I did this time.  As usual, I'm not sure when I'll be heading back, but I'll probably hit up at least one more before the year's up.  Stay tuned for some more new stuff soon!


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    1. Thanks! I actually didn't even realize how well he was hitting at the time. Apparently the seller didn't either!

  2. That is an awesome deal on the Tulo! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks, guess that goes to show I'm better off taking my time because I might catch a gem like that.

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    1. It's yours for $20 and a post that explains how Chris Getz is better than Chris Getzlaf!