Thursday, March 27, 2014

2014 trade package #11: More Tig-ARRRs from Bob Walk the Plank

And now for a trade package I somehow nearly forgot about!  I'd already received cards from Matt of Bob Walk the Plank twice (once in February, plus earlier this month) and was actually getting ready to hit the post office on Monday after work having received my COMC package that included goodies for him.  So of course I spotted a third package from him...before I even had a chance to mail his SECOND one.  Fortunately they should be arriving in his mailbox very shortly, so he'll have some nice things to show off, and I'll be able to get back to work on picking stuff up for him again from COMC next month.


So here's the loot from this latest package, which is all Tigers, all the time!:
Here we have a page full of Tigers from a pair of recent sets--2012 Prizm and 2013 Gypsy Queen.  The former comes in the form of Detroit's co-aces while the latter includes two more Verlanders, JV's fellow rotation mate Sanchez, former Tigers Garcia and Fister, and finally, HOFers Kell and Cobb.  Yeah, that's an excellent bunch of the Bengals and--wait, what's this?

Ivan Rodriguez 2005 Topps Update Touch Em All Base Relics base (#0581/1000)
It's my first base relic card, and appropriately, it's for a guy who owned home plate, and pretty often second base as well, as his legendary arm would attest.  Jeez, the only way this could be any better was if the base was fr--hold on, it's from an All-Star game?  Hmmm, the card's from 2005, where was that one played?  Oh that's right, COMERICA PARK IN DETROIT.  Pudge was Detroit's representative that year and lost a memorable Home Run Derby to Bobby Abreu.  What a great new relic!

Thanks for a memorable third trade, Matt!  I hope you enjoy your latest envelope from me, and rest assured that I'll be getting you back soon enough.  Readers, head over to Bob Walk the Plank for some top-notch Pirates and Mountaineers.


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    1. Yeah, if you couldn't tell I was pretty excited about the base relic since I didn't have one, and it's especially cool to have one from Comerica Park, so thanks!