Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2014 trade package #4: 2xTigers heroes

My last current in-hand trade package comes from White Sox fan Jeff of 2x3 Heroes.  Jeff was another blogger who took me up on my offer to buy stuff on COMC in return for something good in trade.  As it turns out, he's working on a Gordon Beckham 2013 Topps rainbow, and I was able to grab the Camo and Mini Gold parallels he needs.  His offer for me was to head to his LCS and pick out a couple vintage Tigers cards, which I'm guessing he accomplished with a HAZMAT suit and tongs, so that was nice of him.  True to his word as always, here's what "JediJeff" sent:
Don Kolloway 1952 Topps
I think this is about as vintage as my Tigers collection gets!  Kolloway actually played for the White Sox for the first eight seasons of his career, but he also manned the infield for Detroit from 1949-52.  It doesn't look like he was much of a hitter, but it looks like he got into a good number of games as a utility guy.  As the card notes he was also a veteran, so he earns everyone's thanks for his service.

'52 Topps is simply a landmark set and I'm thrilled to own a Tiger from it no matter how beat up it is.  And that Tiger logo is bad ass!

Frank House 1955 Topps
1955 is also a great looking set, featuring rookies of such luminaries as Koufax, Clemente, and Killebrew.  It's colorful, and the combination of a portrait and action "shot" look nice, along with a similarly colorful and interesting back.  This copy is in pretty nice shape all things considered, and I'd say my priority for vintage skews more towards not having any writing on the card more than other condition flaws, making this an excellent example of something I wouldn't hesitate to pick up.

House, a catcher in all 653 of his career games over 10 seasons, appeared in seven of those seasons ('50-51, '54-57, and '61) with the Tigers, with a hiatus in '52 for military service, for which I'm also thankful.  In '57 he was part of a 13-player(!) deal with KC that brought future manager Billy Martin to Detroit for his lone season as a player for the Tigers.  Like Kolloway, he wasn't the world's greatest hitter, but was at least known as a pretty good defensive catcher, as the back notes.

As always, vintage pickups, especially of guys I don't really know, make for a fantastic history lesson, not to mention a nice trade post.  Thanks again, Jeff, for our second trade, and good luck with your rainbow!  Readers, head on over to 2x3 Heroes if you can stomach a blog devoted to Chicago's biggest villains!  Chances are, one of the blogosphere's most generous traders will have a PWE headed in your direction before you can blink. 


  1. I have to agree with you - the Tigger logos from those cards are mighty sweet.

    There - I said something nice about the Tigers. And no - I got nothing nice to say about the Dead Wings. DON'T PUSH IT! :)

    1. WELL FINE, I'M NOT ASKING YOU TO! Thanks again, buddy!