Saturday, February 1, 2014

2014 trade package #1: finally Fuji

As many of you are already very much aware, this kick-ass custom card can only mean one thing:  a trade with Mark of the Chronicles of Fuji!  This is amazingly our first deal, but we both found creative ways to procrastinate; hell, I still don't have all the cards I plan to send in return, but I'm getting there.  Fuji lived up to his reputation as an easy guy to work with, and his plethora of trade bait led to a deal I think we'll both be happy with (you know, as soon as I send him HIS cards).

I picked out stuff that I'll be showing on both blogs, so head over to TMM for the Michigan content later if that's your thing.  Read on for the rest of the haul right here:
My brother and I had a subscription to Sports Illustrated For Kids for quite a few years, meaning we had a ton of the 9-card uncut sheets they came with.  Eventually, we tried to detach them so we could put them in pages or something.  That...didn't go so well.  I still have a pile of those in a box somewhere, tears and jagged edges marring just about all of 'em.  This Guillen, though, came to me in fantastic shape as a surprise addition to the package.  I don't know if Mark or someone else is responsible for the cutting, but to whoever did it, kudos!
Tony Gwynn 1998 Finest Mystery Finest (#M27)
Fuji is a big-time Gwynn collector, but that doesn't mean he doesn't ever have any to trade.  I thought it would be fun to pick up this Mystery Finest insert, both of whose sides feature Gwynn.  He also appears on versions with Ripken, Maddux, and Bonds.  No worries, Mark, I'm including a Gwynn to replace the one you sent me!

Since he's way out west, I'm not surprised that Fuji isn't a big Wings fan (he roots for--UGH--the Sharks), so I was able to score this awesome numbered Yzerman insert from 1997-98 Totally Certified.  Platinum Red is a good color for a Wings legend, and this one is numbered 0916/6199.  As a bonus, the back has the previous season's stats against his opponents, and I can see that Steve netted two goals and seven assists against San Jose!  Oh yeah, and his team won some important games in June or something....

Kris Draper 1998-99 Be A Player auto
Finally, I picked up this slick auto of legendary Wings grinder Kris Draper.  Drapes was a 1989 draft pick of the old Winnepeg Jets, who foolishly dealt him to the Wings in 1993 for $1.  He went on to become on of the team's most reliable and indispensable players until he retired at the end of the 2010-11 season, having been part of all four of the team's recent Stanley Cup champ squads.  If someone was to make a fan favorite-type set for hockey (which BAP sort of is, considering the number of players involved), Draper would be near the top of the list for sure.  Oh yeah, and he happens to share my birthday!  Welcome to the Wings PC, Kris!

Fuji, thanks very much for an excellent first trade, and rest assured your haul will be westbound very soon, likely by mid-week.  Readers, show this West Coast blogger some love and check out the Chronicles of Fuji today!


  1. Thanks for the trade... glad you helped me clear out some Red Wings cards that were cluttering my place. For many years, the Wings were the least favorite team in the league... but the Ducks and Kings have leapfrogged them in recent years.

    1. Yeah, things haven't been the same since guys like Lidstrom left, and you have some pretty good local rivalries out there anyway! Thanks again for our trade, too, if I haven't said that enough.