Sunday, January 5, 2014

COMC 2: Buyforyou Boogaloo, plus blog notes

Well, sort of.  I do have some other things to get to eventually, but I have a few blog update bits first:

1.  As I did back in October, I will again take COMC order requests this month.

It's already looking like I'm gonna have a relatively light spending month for January, plus I've already got a new COMC order started.  Therefore, I'm once again offering to pick up cards from COMC at traders' requests.  Maybe there's a small handful of cards you want on the site and can't justify the shipping.  Possibly you're not in a position to spend much right now, but the site has something you want, and you're long in trade bait.  Whatever the case, this worked out so brilliantly last time, I'm bringing it back for January!

The same rules still apply:

  • This offer is only open to people I've traded with before, plus other well-established traders (i.e. you have a blog or lots of easily-accessible references).  My judgment on this is final
  • I reserve the right to decide whether or not I'm willing to try to purchase one or more cards for you
  • I will attempt to make offers for cards, but at what point I'm willing to make an offer or give up is up to me
  • Please have an idea of what you'll have for me in trade up-front, whether it's something in-hand or an offer to buy ME something from eBay, your LCS, or whatever
  • The best way to let me know what you want is to send me direct links to those items from COMC because it makes it so much easier to find them
This month I've already scored some stuff for GCRL, and if you'd like to join that club, please comment below or email me, whichever you're more comfortable with.  Land that one card you need for a set you're building or grab something you can't find for a reasonable price on eBay--whatever your reason, let's get some trading done in 2014!

Look what a GIS of "Plain White Envelope" turned up!  Very useful.
2.  PWE-requisite.

I've sent cards to three different bloggers so far this month and thought I should highlight the fact that I reached a fun personal milestone:  two of those were PWEs, and those completed my first sheet of PWE Forever stamps!  Thanks to tips from Jeff of 2x3 Heroes last year, I got in on the practice and have had lots of fun doing that, so watch out for more this year!  While I'm giving the guy credit, if you haven't already, join his PWE database.

Oh yeah, I should also mention that I immediately went and grabbed another sheet, so I'm good to go for future PWE bombing runs!

3.  Picasa Web Albums shenanigans

I just thought I'd warn everybody that images from a number of my posts may disappear for a little while.  Long story short, I upgraded Box, it changed the folder housing my images, Picasa went "huh?" and now I have duplicate Picasa Web Albums.  To make things easier on me, I'm probably going to delete the "old" versions, which will break a lot of images on posts for both blogs, but once I do I'll probably slowly get those restored.


  1. So you are saying images of Dead Wings and Tiggers might disappear.

    Oh such horror.

    1. Oh, no, I'm gonna fix those first, and add some more while I'm at it.

  2. That COMC offer is pretty generous... it's nice to see collectors offering to help other collectors.

    1. Well, it's not entirely altruistic since it's about the only way I can make trades right now, but I'm always happy to help. Can I get anything for you?

    2. Thanks for the offer. I already have an account. That's where I acquire 50% of my cards.

    3. I should have figured, but the offer still stands. I'm sending you a list of stuff I'd like to get from you so we can trade soon!

  3. I will get in on the CPMC trade. I will pick up a stack of cards for you. Please emaol me your address again. Thanks!

    1. Awesome! I'm working on grabbing that right now and I'll shoot you my address, thanks.