Sunday, November 17, 2013

2013 trade package #31: GCRL sends Great Cards, Ripken, laudably

So some of you might remember that about a month ago I solicited trade requests by offering to add stuff to my latest COMC package.  One of the brave traders to step up was Jim of punctuation-challenged blog Garvey Cey Russell Lopes.  That post accomplished exactly what I was hoping it would as not only did I kick off a couple trades with people I'd dealt with before, I also added a brand new trade partner, albeit one many of you know very well.

I'm happy to report that this deal went down very smoothly; Jim let me know what he was looking for and was very clear about what he was offering, which seemed perfectly fair.  Here's what I ended up with:
Jim promised me some Verlander inserts from this year and a Tony Gwynn disc from 2013 Panini Cooperstown, which is actually a pretty cool insert.  Along with that, he added an '88 Topps sticker featuring Kirk Gibson and Mike Aldrete up front, along with
Alan Trammell on the back!  Tram's '87 stats are on display for the world to see there, and that's the year he was jobbed out of the AL MVP because George Bell hit 47 HR.  Anyway, that's a pretty cool group of pickups, but as usual I saved the best for last:
Cal Ripken Jr. 2013 Topps Update Rookie Commemorative Patches manupatch
Hey, it's a new "hit" for my Ripken PC!  Topps (and others) have manufactured all kinds of stuff, so why not make a rookie card reprint "patch"?  It's not the kind of thing I'd pay money for, but certainly it was fun to add it via a trade.  This, of course, is a reprint of Cal's 1982 Topps Traded issue, which isn't strictly speaking a RC, but who cares?  The fact is, I love adding fun and different stuff of the HOF SS/3B anytime I can, and I really appreciate Jim making this the highlight of my end of the deal.

So thanks once again, Jim, for an excellent first trade, and I hope it's not long before we're dealing again!  Readers, please venture over to GCRL for another great Dodgers blog with a unique twist. 


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    1. You too, buddy, you too! I might hit up a show this weekend and if I do I'll try to see if I can find any interesting GCRL stuff to start up a new trade!