Monday, September 16, 2013

2013 trade package #27: a SenecaQuest at Spastik's request

Old Spastikmooss Tim, he of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame, has been on a mission for quite a while, and that mission is
I don't think there's any reason to try to argue anyone else is the world's #1 collector of journeyman QB Seneca Wallace, and that's just awesome.  So he's taken his talents around the interwebs to make that happen, and you can actually follow his progress in a thread on Blowout.

Well, I was finally able to contribute to that goal by sending him a package stuffed with Bengals (they sell well in his area) and assorted trade bait, and all I asked in return (since he's been so generous in past trades) was a small handful of singles from his sale/trade bait.  Here's what I got Tim to send my way:

A 2007 Score base card of Wolverine/Raider Charles Woodson.  This was the only Michigan Man in the bunch, which means it was always destined to make its way to my mailbox, and anyway I'll appreciate it way more than anyone else that might have ended up with it.
A shiny Gordie Howe 2012 Panini Father's Day card.  Considering he's such a legend in this state you'd think I would have more of him.  Well, this is a start, and a nice one at that.
Speaking of shiny, how about a 2013 Bowman Silver Ice parallel of future Tigers closer Bruce Rondon?  Topps went overkill with the parallels yet again, but this one looks great for sure.  I hope Detroit's bullpen remains stable for a while and that Rondon can ease into an apprenticeship there before taking the reins within a few years.
And speaking of shiny Tigers, what better way to close things out today than with this slick 2013 Bowman Blue Sapphire Refractor Rookie Reprint (Topps?  REPRINTS?  Now I've seen EVERYTHING) of Detroit icon Al Kaline.  The reprint thing may have gotten stale years ago, but I'll give the blue Refractorness a thumbs up regardless, and it's a fun addition to my small Kaline PC.

Thanks again as usual, Tim, for another fun trade!  Good luck to you as you continue your chase while living in the Worst State Ever.  Readers, help a great trader out by moseying on over to the GSNHoF and trading with or buying from Mr. Mooss!

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  1. So shiny! That's been one of the best parts of all this, all the shiny passing through my hands.