Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2013 trade package #22: Score cards from the Dollar Store!

June was a new month, so I think I was long overdue for a new package from hoser Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store.  Fortunately, one arrived late last week, and as always--for the fourth time now--I was NOT disappointed!

Again, per usual the best stuff can be seen over on TMM tonight, but Doug didn't neglect some of my other collections:
He included 10 Red Wings cards, but that's not scanner-friendly, so here's nine of them (you miss out on a base of Mike Commodore, who played in a handful of games two seasons ago).  Doug really hit on some outstanding Wings, including pairs of stars Datsyuk, Lidstrom, and Zetterberg, not to mention a pair of pretty good goalies.  The Certified Lidstrom is my favorite here.
Moving on to football, he included one 2008 Score football base from my wantlist, as well as 20 new 2013 Score base, which I tried to highlight with a few more examples of fun/cool photography.  The Franklin is the biggest pickup since he's one of the set's 110 rookies.  In related news, today I picked up a huge lot of 99 different rookies from this set on eBay, which will hopefully knock most if not all of the rest out in a fell swoop.  That makes Doug's contribution to the rest of the set even more timely as I strive to put this one to bed for good!

Thanks again for furthering diplomatic relations between our countries, Doug!  I promise to have a return package out to you this month pending another COMC run, and I already have plenty of other cool stuff set aside for you.  Readers, please put an extra cup of maple syrup on your Canadian Bacon and head over to Sports Cards From the Dollar Store for some quaulity caurd coullecting wruiting!


  1. Have to admit - those Panini Contenders really work well with the coloring of the uniforms and the card.

    1. I totally agree. And congrats to your Hawks on a great Cup run!