Friday, June 7, 2013

2013 trade package #21: Cardboard Connections adds to my Verlander collection

The other day I was treated to a surprise trade package from Colbey of Cardboard Collections.  The bulk of it can be seen over at TMM, but he did manage to include a few baseball items as well.  Check it out!:
Cardboard Collections!  F$%k yeah!

I'm not sure why he included this 2012 Panini Cooperstown card of Buck Ewing but I'll take it, though I'll happily offer it in trade to anyone who can use it.

There we go, a brand new JV insert, and a mini at that!  This one's from 2012 A&G and it's actually the A&G back.  This reminds me that I really need to work on scanning my Verlander PC.  I'll get around to that...eventually!
Speaking of brand new inserts, here's Verlander's 2013 Opening Day Superstar Celebrations card, celebrating his 2012 ALDS game 5 triumph over Oakland in which he struck out 11 hitters (just like he did in game 1) while allowing just a walk and four hits in a complete game.  I see my former Detroit nemesis Gerald Larid behind him, but he's no longer around to cripple the Tigers at the plate, which is cause enough for celebration for ME.  That's a pretty cool insert!

Thanks again, Colby, for making these appear out of the blue.  I'll make sure to get you back soon when my piles of your teams call for a package of their own!

Meanwhile, I hope y'all head over to Cardboard Connections for some excellent blogging/breaking action.

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