Saturday, June 15, 2013

2013 card show #2: 6-15, part 1: inserts and a pack!

Today I attended my first card show since late January, and while last time I really couldn't find much (I spent less than $40!), I had much better luck this time.  I especially lucked out in picking up some trade bait for a select few of you, so watch out for packages pretty soon.

My first stop was the usual one to my guy that heavily discounts well-loved vintage, and you'll get to eyeball those tomorrow.  I also did very well picking up some relatively cheap Michigan stuff, which you'll see on TMM pretty soon.  But many of you will be happy to know that some of my best successes today came courtesy of the lower-dollar boxes, including a bunch of $0.25 cards!  Most of those will be trade bait, though.  Today you'll see what I pulled from a last-minute pack, plus some nicely discounted inserts.

The pack was actually the last thing I purchased; as usual I hit up my supplies guy on the way out, and since I still had enough left in my pocket to crack something open, I went a bit down the first row to a guy that specializes in packs and boxes.  He didn't have any loose 2013 UD Football packs available, but he did have a freshly-opened 2013 Score Football jumbo box there, and packs were $10.  Knowing the chances for a hit were high, I grabbed one of those, and still made it home with money in my pocket!

I actually did pretty well, and easily got my $10 worth.  Besides 30+ new cards for my set, including a bunch of RCs, I got one other insert, and then saw these two gems:
This is Malcom Floyd's Black parallel and is #d 1/6!  I thought that was an especially nice pull, but then I pulled this from the group of rookies:
That's former Oklahoma QB (and Sam Bradford's successor) Landry Jones' autograph.  Sweet, I nabbed one of the guaranteed hits!  I quickly put both up for sale on Blowout, but if anybody reading this would like to trade for either of them before they get taken, please let me know.

Considering how well I did I might have to see about grabbing at least one more jumbo pack if I get the chance; for now I think I'll try a small handful more racks and then try to trade for my wants.

Earlier in the day I plunked down $33 for a massive lot of cards including a ton of the $0.25 variety I already mentioned.  Here's one that's not necessarily destined for a trade package just yet:
It's Chris Davis' 2009 Bowman Orange parallel and is #d 135/250.  While I didn't quite get this to flip it for $100, I thought it was a steal at just a quarter, and I don't think the guy selling it realized that this is the same player hitting all those HRs in Baltimore.  If anybody would like to trade for it, please go ahead and claim it, otherwise it'll make its way to COMC eventually.

The rest of that purchase included these six cards that were $2 each or six for $10.  I quickly found a pair of inserts each for three of my favorite players, and was even able to key in on a few inserts from one of my favorite all-time sets:
Ken Griffey Jr. 1998 Topps Chrome Clout Nine
Ken Griffey Jr. 1998 Topps Focal Points
Greg Maddux 1998 Topps Focal Points
Greg Maddux 1998 Topps HallBound
Cal Ripken Jr. 1997 Upper Deck Hot Commodities
Cal Ripken Jr. 2006 Topps Rookie of the Week

The 1998 Topps inserts came from a golden age for me in Topps' history when box prices were fair and 36 packs easily provided a complete series plus some interesting and fun inserts.  I was excited to be able to pick up representatives of two of my favorite players in three of those inserts:  Clout Nine, Focal Points, and HallBound.  Of the three, Focal Points was my favorite, and at one time I had considered putting the set together, but they were just too expensive.  I could still look to do it, but now I can at least be happy that I have Griffey and Maddux to go with my Ripken version.  And speaking of Cal, I did manage to pick out a couple that I'm pretty sure I didn't have yet.  The '06 RotW card is one of those that bugs me a bit since it plays at revisionist history by editing out the other two players on the original.  Still, it's not bad for another Topps reprint.

Those Maddux and Griffey cards remind me that I've been wanting to create Picasa albums for them as well so I can get on scanning some of my favorites of each as I've done with Ripken.  More to keep me busy!

Come back tomorrow for a look at some beat up but significant vintage RCs.

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