Saturday, April 6, 2013

2013 trade package #16: 2x3 = original 6

Well, after all the confusion earlier this week with ALL THE JEFFS, I received my end of a trade with Jeff of 2x3 Heroes, whose cards are likely en route from South Dakota even as we speak!

Here's what various Chicago teams fan Jeff W. sent me:
These are the best of the 11 2012 Topps Archives set wants Jeff sent my way, and there's some very good players here.  I included Ruiz because his nickname is "Chooch," and that's just awesome.  Hunter is a new Tiger and deserves some TMV love.  Brett, Smith, and Ruth were obviously pretty good players in their day.  And Darvish is a pretty significant RC, especially after the way he was flat-out DEALING earlier this week.

Here's the damage to my wantlist, before,
and after
The 11 new ones get me down to a paltry 16 needed, with more on the way in another pending deal.

Like yet ANOTHER Jeff, this one is a White Sox fan, so he probably held his nose and averted his eyes as he packaged up these cards of the team that's a million times better than his:
The Verlander is fantastic because it's new and a Verlander, but I'm most excited about the Scherzer because I loves me some Heritage Chrome (#d 760/999).  That gives me an idea for a future post, so we'll see if I ever follow up on that.  Cabrera had a huge day at the plate against the Yankees this afternoon, by the way, reaching base all five times, like the #1 hitter in the AL that he is.

I don't know what Jeff's feelings are towards the Tigers, but he made his hatred of my local hockey team (which, again, is better than his, no matter what this year's standings say) totally clear in our email exchange, plus this note he threw in with the package:
Here's what was included:
Cheveldae and Chiasson take me back to my days of playing NHL '93-'95 on my Sega.  As big as the Mule is, Franzen's size can't match up to the oversized PowerPlay cards!

Datsyuk-Franzen-Kronwall-Zetterberg-Lidstrom-Howard 2011-12 Pinnacle Starting Six Threads 6x jersey 
This is the card I saw in Jeff's trade bait that spurred the deal--he couldn't wait to get rid of it when I informed him of my interest!  Those are six outstanding Wings (three of which come with the trademark red sweater), five of which are still with the team since Lidstrom retired.  Getting this card finally inspired me to get up a Picasa album for my Wings hits, and I'll work on adding more soon.  By the way, here's the back, which has the same exactly look as the front except it spells out each player's position.

Henrik Zetterberg-Johan Franzen 2012-13 Artifacts Tundra Tandems dual jersey
This one was s surprise throw-in since I don't believe Jeff mentioned it during negotiations.  I'm very happy to have it, though, as these two guys, along with Pavel Datsyuk, are the offensive stars of my favorite NHL team.  Again, I get one really nice red swatch from a set with an alliterative name I can laugh at now that winter is all but gone here in Ann Arbor.

Riley Sheahan 2012-13 SP Game-Used auto RC
Finally, Jeff added this auto he pulled from a pack he busted last month (which also included the above Franzen base card).  He was none-too-pleased to pull a Wing, but I'm happy enough to have it, even if I bear some dislike towards the Notre Dame alum whose college team was a former CCHA rival of my alma mater.  A 2010 first-rounder, he's still an intriguing prospect, though, even if he got pulled over for drunk driving while wearing a Teletubby costume.  It's not like he's ever gonna live that down--I mean he just got called up to the big club today and this is the Fox News article about it.

Well, Jeff, I must say you did an outstanding job putting together a very enjoyable Detroit trade package, and I give you bonus points for sending them to the correct address on the first try, which definitely puts you ahead of me as far as that goes.  I'm thrilled to add another new trade partner, especially one who'll help keep the Wings-Hawks rivalry alive.  I hope you enjoy the stuff I sent you (whenever you get it!).

Everyone should head over to Jeff's blog and get to readin' and tradin' so he has something to do when the guys above beat his favorite guys.


  1. that's a sweeeeeet six-way!* great addition!


    1. Thanks! Sadly, they couldn't find six Ducks that were good enough to put on one card! (I keed, I keed: And you know, it's not gay if it's a six-way. BOOM, SNL'ed

  2. Ahhhhhhh....You Red Wing fans. Kind of like the Duck fans, but you smell like octopus.

    I had to get the mailing address right first time. You think I want to drive to Detroit? I like my intestines inside my body, thank you.

    1. We're nothing like Ducks fans since we have a team we can be proud of that wins things. Thanks for getting MY address right the first time, but then again, how many traders named "Dennis" do you know? Also, Detroiters wouldn't pull out your intestines, they'd just have your car up on blocks sans tires as a way of saying "Welcome to Hockeytown!"