Tuesday, April 16, 2013

2013 COMC pickup #2: a perfect Gibby trifecta

As usual, I don't have a lot of COMC pickups to show off over here because most apply to the other blog, but today's pair of cards definitely belongs on this one, in which I show off the fruits of my Tigers collecting pursuits, among other things.

Both of these cards had resided on my COMC watch list for a while until I finally pulled the trigger and scored each of them in March:
Kirk Gibson 2001 Topps Archives auto
This awesome auto came first, at a cost of $15, which is towards the upper end of what I like to pay for singles there, but was totally worth it.  The signature, running along the left side, is a bit faded, which is to be a bit expected for an on-card auto on a glossy card.  I really enjoyed 2001 Archives since my preference with these sets is reprints of actual cards, not new ones done in the style of old Topps sets (isn't that what Heritage is for?) and I'm happy to say that I do own a complete base set.  In fact, my only complaint is that the set's numbering is ridiculously tiny, for fortunately, Topps addressed that in future iterations.

This is just my second Gibby certified auto, and it immediately becomes my favorite since it's a reprint of his '81 Topps RC.  I hope to add more as I can find them at reasonable prices, but I'm more than happy enjoying this as the centerpiece of my Gibson PC for now.

Kirk Gibson 2001 Topps Archives Reserve Rookie Reprint Relics bat
But the trifecta wouldn't be complete without my new favorite Gibby relic too!  Just as I love 2001 Topps Archives, I also have a special place in my heart for Archives Reserve, the hotter, Refractor-y older sister of the base set.  I'm often against a new product that's just a parallel of the base set at a greater cost, but Reserve wasn't just a Chrome version that offered little more--it's a Refractor set!  This made lots of the cards look very cool, and that includes the relics that were thrown in too.

Don't get me wrong, I think my other two Gibson relics--a Dodgers bat and Tigers jersey--are pretty cool, but I wouldn't have thrown down $6 on this rookie reprint Refractor relic (alliteration ftw!) if it wasn't immediately going to become my new #1.  And I also had an even better reason to grab it:  as I said, this makes for a pretty unique trifecta:
On the left, of course, is Kirk's actual 1981 Topps RC.  I had one of these triple card display dealies lying around and decided it would be perfect for showing off a trifecta that included a RC plus autographed and game-used reprints of that very card!  This certainly isn't my first trifecta, but I'd certainly consider it one of the most unique and interesting I've pieced together.

I'll flip through the rest of my haul soon and see if I have anything else I can show off over here.  If not, consider this second 2013 COMC post (for now) a great way to go out with a bang!

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