Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 trade package #14: Doc Holoday's your huckleberry for team packages

Recently I became aware of the availability of spring cleaning lots by Matt of DocHoloday.  I'd previously had luck doing those myself so I thought I'd see what he had to offer in the way of Tigers.  Since both Pat from Hot Corner Cards and I claimed Detroit, so Matt split them down the middle and we each got a package, which I thought was more than fair.  In return, I'll be sending him a nice pile of Red Sox, which will probably go out with some other trade packages in the next few days.

Here's some highlights of what Matt sent my way:
A bunch of new stuff of current Tigers, plus one representative of the recently-released (and signed by the Yanks) Boesch.  I like the All-Star cards for Avila and Cabrera. 
 The trio of Fisters (with the insert being my favorite) give a few different looks at his pitching motion.  I still actively collect Guillen so these were much appreciated.  Inge may be gone but I still hold onto pretty much whatever I get sent of him, especially when it's a shiny insert.  The pair of Jacksons is great, including the Liquorfractor, and I continue to try to grow his PC because of his bright future.
 No Tigers collector would thumb his nose at four Kalines!  I'm glad to be building a collection of V-Mart Tigers cards since he'll likely be a significant contributor this year.  And once again, my Magglio collection grows.
 Like V-Mart, I like adding Tigers cards of Peralta, so these were a plus.  I consider Scherzer Detroit's second-best pitcher behind Verlander, so the more of him I get the better.  Speaking of JV, three many Verlanders!  And Matt included enough Delmons for me to separate him out with the rest of my Tigers players that have enough cards to make it worth it.
A pair of Zumayas closes things out alphabetically, and then we have a quartet of cool inserts, with my favorite being the Smyly since Orangefractors are fun, plus he's the only player of the four still with the team. From my "misc. Tigers" pile I included two guys who may pick up some saves in Detroit's (hopefully temporary) closer-by-committee.  Finally, a Panini Mickey Cochrane is a cool add to my group of Tigers legends.

Thanks again for an awesome trade package, Matt!  I promise to get those Sawx out to you soon, and I look forward to trading again in the future.


  1. Lets swap some Tigers, shoot me an email bp_weber5 AT Hotmail DOT com

    1. I'd love to trade for your Archives and Tigers. I actually have a fairly decent Tigers trade stack handy, and I may have some Trams for you as well, so working out a deal sounds great!