Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 trade package #1: Uncle Moe flips a coin, sends me some Tigers

Last Sunday, Uncle Moe (a.k.a. Larry) of My 2008 Topps Set Blog was showing off a new part of his Luis Aparicio collection:  a 1964 Topps Coin.  These are a bit on the oddball side for me, but still fairly cool, (and much better looking in-person, I now realize) and while I hadn't planned on adding Bill Freehan's version from this set, Moe mentioned he might have a few extras, so I asked after Bill's coin.  He said he had it and would send it to me right away, since he's awesome like that:
So here's the newest member of my Freehan collection:
1964 was only the second year Topps produced cards of Freehan, so this fits beautifully towards the front of the group, smack between his RC and second-year issue.  It's #57 in that PC, and I'm excited to have added yet another piece to my favorite combined Tiger/Wolverine player set.

Moe also was kind enough to send some new Tigers my way, and I mean brand new:
I'm sure you're all well aware these are 2013 Topps cards, and I do have to say I like how the base stuff looks, especially the Verlander, which is a great example of a horizontal card done right.  I also appreciate getting something of Smyly, especially since he may become an important part of the rotation before long.

Thanks again, Larry, for a great Tigers package!  I have something on the way from COMC for you that I hope you'll like, so watch for that soon.  Everyone, please head over to Larry's unique blog to appreciate his Herculean effort at acquiring a complete 2008 Topps TTM autograph set as well as Luis Aparicio, Daniel Hudson, and Diamondbacks.


  1. You're welcome. I'm glad I had that one. When I was searching through the box of 30+ coins I have it was the last one in the box. It was a pretty exciting moment for me when I found it. There may or may not have been jumping up and down.


    1. Haha, yeah, I know that feeling when I find something I know someone else is looking for. Thanks again!

      I hope you'll like what I picked out for you on COMC (and that you don't already have it, though I didn't see it on your blog). I'll let you know when I ship that stuff.