Tuesday, January 29, 2013

COMC spree update and a PC announcement

Hi everybody!  First up, I wanted to give you all a quick update on my COMC shopping project:  I'm nearly done, needing one more trade bait card, at which point I can see how much credit I have left so I can polish that off, then hit the magical "ship" button.  I picked up some really exciting stuff for some of you, and I hope you'll be surprised and amazed when it arrives to you.  This is definitely the most I've spent on cards for others at once from the site, but it worked out very well, especially since the show last weekend wasn't especially helpful.  I like being able to let people I'm trading with pick something out that they'll like, and even more, the selection is much better than you'll find anywhere in-person, so it's likely I'll be doing this more often as I try to facilitate some trades.

And now, on to my quick PC announcement:  I officially denounce the Detroit Lions and am asking that in the future, nobody sends me anything of that team, unless 1.  It's a former Michigan player (i.e. Jeff Backus and Desmond Howard) or 2.  You're feeling generous enough to send me Calvin Johnson or Barry Sanders stuff, in which case, you're a saint.  There's just nothing redeeming about that team besides Megatron.  The current GM is just as clueless as the old GM, the head coach is a jackass that doesn't know the rules of the game and lets his players do whatever the hell they want (on AND off the field), and the "star" QB left his throwing mechanics in his college locker room.  It's a team full of criminals and underachievers and I really don't want any more of their crap in my collection.

From Esquire
Therefore, I'm dumping all of my Detroit hits into my football trade bait album.  I'll decide what I want to do with my base and inserts at some point as well, but that's a start.  Eventually I may advertise whatever hits I have left as a lot on Blowout, but I'd much rather give you guys first crack at these (assuming you're crazy enough to want them).  Believe me, I won't ask for much, so get those offers in!

Back to regular posting within a day or two, I promise!

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