Friday, December 28, 2012

Holiday trade package #2: Nomo's Sushi Platter

Today's post features a trade package from another blogger I'd somehow failed to deal with up til now:  Spiegel of Nomo's Sushi Platter.  He grabbed one of my more random baseball fall cleaning lots, then was nice enough to send a way better package back to me, meaning I now owe him some great stuff!  Here's what was in that package:
Tigers standouts, past and present.  The Verlander Triple Play sticker is one I especially appreciate because I wasn't going to be buying any of that product, but I'm always happy to land a new JV.  My next favorite is the Cabrera Gold (still my favorite non-Chrome Topps parallel), and then the Jackson mini, as I'm growing a nice collection of AJax stuff.  The Sanchez Tigers card is nice to have, though, now that I know he'll be around for at least a few more years.
Vintage Tigers!  The Fleer card commemorating '84's two perfectos and a no-no is especially cool, and all that pitching dominance brings to mind recent seasons, no?  A new Ripken and Griffey for those PCs rounds out the base card portion (which also included a few other former Tigers).  And then I found THIS thing in the package:
Mickey Lolich 2001 Topps Team Topps Legends auto

Well THAT was certainly out of the blue!  That's my first Lolich auto and I love that it's on one of Topps' nice reprint sets (you know, before they really jumped the shark with the concept).  This Team Topps Legends card is a reprint of his 1964 Topps RC, which arrived just a few years before he helped the Tigers win the 1968 World Series.  In that matchup, he homered and started three of the Series' seven games, winning all of them, including the deciding game seven against legend Bob Gibson.  He finished his Tigers career with more than 200 wins and will always be remembered as a Tigers great.  This is just a fantastic addition to my Tigers PC and was totally unexpected considering what I sent to Spiegel.

Thanks again for an awesome trade package, Spiegel!  Rest assured I'll get you back with something just as good.  Everyone else who's not already doing so had better head over to Nomo's Sushi Platter after you're done reading this, otherwise you're all dead to me.


  1. I knew you would like the Lolich auto. Any blogger that can appreciate Saved by the Bell deserves a Lolich autograph.

    1. Any blogger that appreciates appreciating SBTB and sends me a Lolich autograph deserves a sweet trade package in return!