Monday, December 3, 2012

COMC haul #11: Darrell brings the WOW factor. PLUS: free lots mail update

(Note:  all COMC haul posts can be accessed here)

Free lots shipping update:
Yes, I finally got the rest of these out (minus Fuji's, since we'll be trading soon, and the Tigers/Lions, since I still need an address from "jeffrey").  I had intended to get them all in the mail on Sunday but my local PO's APC was down and the downtown PO didn't even have the lobby (where the APC is) open, so forget about that.  I did spend enough time wrapping up 11 packages of cards (including stuff for Tim as well) on Saturday that I was pretty much sick of it, but in the end I'm thrilled to have gotten rid of this many cards and gotten them into better hands.  I went through a bunch of bubble mailers and boxes, nearly all my team bags (and I had a LOT), more than a roll of blue card-shipping tape, and plenty of money on postage, but I hope it's been worth it to each of you as much as it has been to me, so thanks again to all who participated.

I lost my APC receipts somehow so I'm not 100% on this list, but going from memory and my traders' address list, I believe the following ZIPs can expect cards this week, many within a couple days since a lot went via Priority:


If you're on that list, time to get excited!

Onto the COMC haul:
Speaking of mail, here's a card that was actually part of my Black Friday COMC package and not the one I had shipped earlier.  That may seem like going out of order, but it was a Tiger I was excited about and I can only come up with so much other stuff before throwing more Freehan and Larkin at you.  So here's one of my favorite cheapies (relatively, anyway) that I picked up this time:
Darrell Evans 2003 Topps Retired Signature auto
What's better than one Darrell Evans Topps Retired Signature auto?  Try TWO!  One of my favorite 1984 World Champion Tigers, Darrell is a guy whose stuff I keep an eye out for once in a while, so this was a perfect opportunity to grab a player I like to collect from a set I love to collect.  Again, Topps is the proverbial blind squirrel finding an acorn with this outstanding set.  I may do up a post soon covering the stuff Topps has done that I like so I can balance out some of my usual antagonism towards the ToppsOpoly.

More to come sometime this week!


  1. Sweet! Also we may be in more luck! Some guy has an overpriced lot of 4 hits for 5,000 credits...not terrible but too much for the guys it is. One is a John Navarre you need though, so I commented saying I might want that card if the lot doesn't sell. He then messages me saying he has a lot more U of M stuff because he used to collect them but now he just wants autos and no more relics. So I'm hoping he and I can set up some kind of deal...I'll keep you informed!

    1. Yeah, hopefully there's enough in there to give you some good stuff to trade, especially if you can use some of it to get me more Wolverines. Thanks!

  2. Aweseome! I'm already putting a stack of Tigers together and I'll pull out my boxes of extras to see if I can fill a few holes for you set needs. Interestingly enough I had a post about Mr. Evans earlier this year. Nice pick up.

    1. Awesome. Set needs would be much appreciated. I liked your Evans post, too, since I actually hadn't seen most of those.

      Your stuff might take a while to get to you due to your lack of proximity to me, or the rest of the civilized world, but they'll get there!

  3. Literally watching storage wars, nice title!

    1. Haha, cool! Next time I'll just cut to the chase and the title will be "Brandi's boobs!"

  4. Just got the cards today, Thanks! I'll be sure to write up a post for next week!

    1. Sounds great, I look forward to it and I'll keep an eye out!