Friday, October 5, 2012

Stick a spork in 2012 Topps football

A couple months ago I set off in pursuit of 2012 Topps football and a few of its inserts.  Not long after that, a ridiculous trade with Colby plus a few Blowout forums trades culminated in my completing the base set.

Well, today I received the last two cards I needed for two of the three insert sets I was chasing (I already had the QB Rookie Reprints done) courtesy of a deal on Blowout, and so I'm celebrating the fact that I polished off every last bit of this project via trading (other than buying the packs, of course), which is a big accomplishment for me because I'm usually too hyper or lazy to do anything other than paying someone to finish sets for me.  This is a 100% trade-produced set and I'm very proud of that.  So here's the three insert sets in all their glory:

Paramount Pairs:

QB Immortals:

QB Rookie Reprints:


  1. It king of freaked me out when I pulled the same Stafford reprint. Took me a second to realize it was a rookie reprint. I hadn't looked at a checklist, so it was a surprise that these existed. Congrats on finishing those inserts.

    1. Thanks, and yeah--I think of all the reprints, Stafford's would be the most jarring since it's only a few years old at this point.