Sunday, October 14, 2012

O yeah! A Tigery trade package from Ryan H.

Yeah, sorry for the title--it's a play on his blog name that everybody makes, but I got nothin'.

So now that he's done with his most recent group break, Ryan of "O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog and I came up with another great trade.  Oddly enough, we agreed to get another trade going because I have an Orioles card he didn't manage to pull from that latest break.

Being the great trader he is, I've already received my end of the deal, and I still have to get his sent out this weekend. (which I promise to do!)  Here's what I ended up getting:
A solid group of Tigers.  Most of these (excluding the Guillen and Cobb) hail from his group break.  My favorite is right down the middle--an awesome 1994 Finest Alan Trammell (with David Wells and Tony Phillips flanking him).  I'm also excited to have another Dean Palmer, especially one in a Tigers uni.
O hai, random Ripken insert smack dab in the middle of a bunch of Tigers!  Ryan is as aware as anyone that I do like collecting Cal when I can, so this is perfect.  And if I haven't already said it before, I really prefer cards depicting him fielding because he always looked awesome making a play.  (plus he had a thousand different weird batting stances)  So this'll slide right into that PC and is much appreciated.
Here's a mix of some modern and recent-but-classic Tigers.  The Dirks and Magglio are both numbered, which I love, that's another Granderson I didn't have, and another Sweet Lou while we're at it!

And then there's the card I wanted most since he offered it to me:
Rick Porcello 2012 Topps Golden Moments jersey.  The card celebrates a nice game he had against Pittsburgh last year in which he pitched eight innings of one-run ball for a Tigers team that was struggling to score.  It's a solid design with a real nice gray jersey swatch, and I'm very happy to add another hit to my Porcello collection.  He's certainly a player of whom I'm happy to get anything, so I'm obviously pumped about a nice relic like this.

Big thanks again for the trade, Ryan, and I'm hoping what I dug up for you will appear to be a fair return!  Everyone else should head on over to Ryan's blog to check out his most recent break and some Orioles-inspired card fun.


  1. Thanks for the plug for my blog. Its interesting to see bloggers I trade with coming up with clever trade post titles for our deals. I'm glad you liked the cards!

    1. I always give credit where it's due. Make sure to let me know when I come up with a clever title for a trade post with you. I loved that stuff, and I did get yours out today so I'm betting you'll see it by Friday!

  2. Sweet stuff! Just got the last piece needed for your package, so that'll head out tomorrow. No hits :-( and only one Rich Hill :-( but hopefully the two Listia wins will be awesome!

    1. Awesome! Who needs hits when you're getting new Rich Hill stuff, thanks!