Tuesday, October 23, 2012


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On the eve of the first Tigers World Series game since 2006, I thought I'd commemorate the occasion with a special completed project involving a past Detroit World Series champion:
Bill Freehan 1965 Topps
Bill Freehan 1970 Topps
Bill Freehan 1973 Topps
Bill Freehan 1976 Topps
Bill Freehan 1977 Topps

What do all of these have in common, besides being vintage cards of Mr. Bill Freehan?  They just happen to be the last five I needed to own each and every Topps card produced during his playing career, 1963-1977.  Sure, he has plenty of other stuff that was produced since then, but in terms of a player collection of someone like Freehan, I like to think this is the ultimate goal.  These are some outstanding examples of some cool Topps base sets made before the Hobby became the Business.  There's just a lot to like about each of these, such as:
  • 1965:  DAMN that's a big glove!
  • 1970:  What are you looking at over there?
  • 1973:  Easily, EASILY my favorite non-hit Freehan, and I'd bet my house that Brian would be first, second and third to agree with me.  Man, what an awesome play at the plate card!
  • 1976:  What are you looking at up and over there?
  • 1977:  Ok, now you're closer to looking at the camera...
I'm truly thrilled to own all of Bill's Topps cards from his playing days, including a couple more oddball-type sets such as his Topps Game and Deckle Edge issues.  For now at least, I've decided to leave out other stuff that I thought was just TOO oddball, such as the coin cards, Embossed (which are ugly as sin!), Supers, and others.  You can view scans of my Freehan PC, currently 36 (in-hand and scanned) cards strong, here, and my growing checklist here.

I'd like to extend a big thanks to those of you who were generous enough to include Freehan cards when you traded with me as it made this project that much easier. (and fun!)

So with thoughts of Freehan and the '68 Tigers in my head as I prepare for another World Series, I've got one thing left to say:  GO TIGERS!


  1. cool cards. nice job completing your chase
    and...GO TIGERS !

    stomp those other guys.

  2. Definitely one of my favorite patp cards ever.

    I got your package today...blown away. I'll try to get to the post office this week with yours. Thanks!

    1. Yeah, man--that's what baseball photography is SUPPOSED to look like--not two random All-Stars standing around in the outfield. Give me a 100% play at the plate set or give me death!

      And yeah, I had a good feeling you'd be pretty geeked about the package I sent you after I had some good luck on COMC finding stuff!