Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stick a fork in 2012 Topps fooball

Well, that went a lot better than last year!  After the mixed results of my case of 2011 Topps football, I took until a couple weeks ago to finish my last base set from that product.  This year was a different story as I threw all my money at retail packs until I started pulling quintuplets and up, then proceeded with trades, and only trades, which is a diversion from my usual strategy of throwing money at people until they complete my sets.

By far the biggest help was Colbey and our recent largeish trade.  I had a blast putting together a set with a fellow collector, and better yet, doing it the way a real collector should--by trading with someone.

He knocked out more than half of the remainder of my list, allowing me to make just a few deals on Blowout to finish up the base set and get close on a couple inserts.  Here, then, is a quick look at the highlights of what arrived today:
Pictured are three of the QB Rookie Reprints I needed (and I should have the stragglers arriving soon), three of the QB Immortals I needed, and the base card I was most annoyed not to pull myself:  Tom Brady.  Brady was one of 48 base cards that ultimately closed the book on this set for me, which is nice if only because I won't be spending ANY more money on it.  Now I'm getting excited about finishing up the QB reprints since they look pretty cool.  Stay tuned her for when I do complete those insert sets as I'll likely show one or more of them off whenever I feel like it.  For now I'll be enjoying another completed project, one that's all the sweeter because it was accomplished through trading.


  1. Nice! I'm still lacking a few base cards. Maybe I should go the route of the Blowout Cards forums too...

    1. Thanks! I wouldn't have done that before trading with you, though, that made a HUGE difference. I just thought I'd try to trade for the rest while people were still presumably holding onto some 2012 base before moving on to whatever the next big thing is. Seems like it's been a long time since I had completed a set entirely via trading (after buying unopened packs initially, of course). What's funny is I've had exactly 0 luck trading any of my extra base to anyone except you, so I guess everyone else on Blowout has completed it or doesn't care at this point. Hope you polish off that set yourself soon!