Monday, July 2, 2012

Tigers, Tigers, burning bright. From the Owl of the Night.

That's right, everybody--you've just been BLAKED.  #ENGLISHED

So at the last show I hit up, I found a reasonably cool Hideo Nomo manupatch card for $1 and knew I had to pick it up for a Dodger fan.  That fan ended up being Greg (the Night Owl), so in the mail it went along with some other assorted Dodgers stuff I never wanted to see again.  This afternoon, my generous haul arrived in my mailbox, like-a so:
Some artistic stuff (including the Juan Gonzalez who wasn't a massive loser), a HOFer, minis new and old, and an '82 Topps sticker of Al Cowens.  Plus,
Some JVs.  I should do a count to make sure I have more of Verlander so I can justify renaming the blog for good.  The Bowman's Best is especially nice because it looks great, plus it's not like I was gonna be pulling that from a pack anytime soon.  The best was yet to come, though:
All-Time Fan Favorites meets Chrome meets Refractor meets 1980s star Tigers catcher Lance Parrish.  Sweet!  #d 211/299, this is a perfect example of the extremely useful stuff I like to get out of trades (along with the Verlanders, to be fair).  But that's not even my favorite card in the package:
Here's a 1975 Topps Mini of Bill Freehan, one of the seven I still needed to have every Topps base card from his playing career!  Not sure if Greg sent this one because of that or because of the big "Tigers" logo up top, but either way, I'm thrilled to pick up a nice copy of this for my Freehan PC.  That, and I'm glad I've been slacking on finishing that project up, hoping some kind bloggers would make their own contributions.

A big thanks to another great blogger and trader--thanks, Greg!


  1. Wow, fancy poetry-type title. I like it.

    I got lucky on the variety on this trade. And I literally pulled the Verlander Bowman's Best the day before I sent out the package. Glad you liked.

    1. Good timing, and while I'm no poetry fan, I do like me some Blake, and I figured you, if anyone, would appreciate that. Thanks again!