Friday, July 13, 2012

Look what the Kemp dragged in

So today as I was flipping through my various boxes in trying to pick out some stuff for a potential trade with another blogger, I was perusing my box of almost-complete and sort-of-started sets.  The almost-complete ones are all on my set wantlist while I left the latter there to have them together in case I decided to pursue them later.  As I was sorting through a small stack of Bowmans, I noticed I had put a couple in penny sleeves, as I occasionally do when I know a rookie is worth enough to try to keep it in good shape.  Who was this mystery RC, a card I had totally forgotten I had?
None other than Greg Z.'s man-crush, Matt Kemp!  This is, of course, his 2005 Bowman RC.  Now that I know I have it, I'm reserving it for the prestige of my baseball RC PC.

My pre-trade sorting wasn't just lucrative because of the Kemp, though--I even found three 2009 Bowman singles I need towards that set, which is pretty cool since I already needed just a small handful.  If I've taken anything out of this, it's that putting in the effort to find some cards to trade is good karma.  As opposed to being symbolic of the worst parts of the hobby and screwing over Greg, which is definitely bad karma;  Chris Olds, may every football box you bust from now on contain nothing but Bilal Powell and Akili Smith!


  1. Mattycakes :)

    haha, congrats on the find!

    1. Thanks! Now I just need to dig up RCs of Kershaw, Martin, and everyone else you collect.