Monday, July 30, 2012

Contest reminder and 2005 Topps Football tins

Contest reminder:

It doesn't matter that it was the last post I wrote--I'm duly obligated to remind you to enter my contest if you haven't yet.  If you're awesome and follow this blog,
which included this post the other day, then you already know to enter the contest here.  Seriously, it can only benefit everyone the more people that enter, so get in!

On with the retail:

Armed with a small amount of gift card money, I set out to Meijer in search of tins of 2005 Topps football that I'd read about on Blowout, and I wasn't disappointed.  For $5.99 each (not sure what they used to be), I got two of these, each including 60 shrink-wrapped base cards:
The main attraction with these was, of course, RCs of Aaron Rodgers, but in my case, despite already owning a complete base set, I thought it would be fun to shoot for those as well as any of my other favorite football players because I really enjoyed busting rack packs (REAL rack packs, not overpriced "value packs") of these when they came out.

The first tin featured this card on top, which was promising:
While I didn't hit anything big, and in fact hit a run of doubles in each, I did end up with a few cards I liked,
plus a couple pretty cool collectible tins celebrating Topps football's 50th anniversary.  Because I don't need two, I'm happy to offer one to anyone who's interested--please just make me a trade offer and that can be part of it.  I'll have to figure out the logistics of shipping it because I'm not quite sure if it'll fit in a standard baseball card box, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Anyway, for a way to spend a few gift dollars, these were kind of fun, so if you have a Meijer near you, keep an eye out for a relatively cheap and fun shot at some quick Discount Double-Check cash!

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