Saturday, May 5, 2012

Card show report: May 5, 2012: Rick Leach/vintage RC edition

This morning I hit up the first card show I'd been to in a while, and it certainly turned out nicely.  Highlights:

Rich Leach (l), former Michigan football star and Detroit Tigers first-rounder, signing autographs.  To his left is author Kurt A. David, who signed his book that featured a chapter on Leach, who also signed copies of the book (see below).
Me and Rick Leach.  Bonus points for lack of hoverhands!  
The signed book in question, which should be an interesting read.  It discusses post-sports career transitions of various area athletes, including Leach, Dave Bing, Frank Tanana, and more.  The deal was $20 for the book signed by both guys, plus an additional Leach autograph.  Pretty nice!
My inscription, from the author.  Definitely a nice guy, and if the book's any good I hope he does well.
A much-welcomed "Go Blue" inscription from one of the all-time great Michigan Men!
My Tigers ball gets a new signature.  On this panel alone you can see Leach (and his #7), Al Kaline and former Tiger P A.J. Sager.  The rest of the ball includes Tigers mascot "Paws", Don Wert, Mickey Lolich, Willie Horton, and I believe Matt Anderson and Gabe Kapler.  I like getting this eclectic signature ball signed especially because I figure signers won't think I'm out to sell it immediately.  That and it's fun to have such a wide range of guys sign it, though it's getting pretty full.

Besides some much needed top-loaders of various sizes, I did buy a few cards too:
Trade bait:
Here's a cool Biggio jersey that's already promised to Sam in a trade we just arranged.  Unfortunately just plain white, but very Refractory and #d to 50.

Somehow I got the feeling Jeff might like this 1961 Topps Billy Williams RC.  I was right--he's pretty geeked, so this one's also spoken for.  This, as well as the few other vintage cards that follow, came from a guy from whom you've seen cards previously, and he charges a reasonable 10% of Beckett's hi book for not-exactly-mint vintage stuff, which makes them very affordable.

This Brett '75 Topps RC is up for grabs.  I couldn't remember if I had this version or the Mini and I didn't bother to check, but I guess I have this one, only graded.  I might crack that one open at some point due to its low grade, but for now, this one, condition defects and all, is available.  It's got some bad corners and creasing, plus it's torn pretty much starting from the second "T" in his last name (which you can sorta see in the scan) but it's still a cool RC.  I paid $8 for it so I'd take that or the usual stuff I like in return for it if anybody wants it.
For $2 (in addition to $18 I spent on some Michigan guys you'll see on TMM tomorrow), I grabbed this 2005 Topps Pack Wars Helton jersey because I'd be happy enough keeping it, though I'm betting one of my Rockies readers will step up and claim it.  Not bad, including a nice purple pinstripe.  Have at it!

Personal collection stuff:

These last three came from the aforementioned vintage guy.  I'm very excited about what I got, but I'm saving the best for last.
 Fred Lynn 1975 Topps RC
Jim Rice 1975 Topps RC:
This pair came surprisingly cheap, even at 90% off.  I'm glad to add another pair of 1975 Topps RCs to my expanding collection of rookies and other stars from that set.  These two guys were going to be part of the nucleus that was going to win multiple championships, but alas it never happened.  Speaking of Red Sox stars that never won a World Series...
Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ on a Cracker, is that approximately 96% of a Carl Yastrzemski 1960 Topps RC?  Why yes it is.  This guy set me back $25 smackers, but you aren't gonna convince me it wasn't worth it.  This is easily one of my highest-end RCs regardless of its condition.  Finding a gem like this helps remind me why I always check that guy's table when I hit up shows even though I'm not an avid vintage collector.  It's definitely been my best source of vintage stars and RCs, and I look forward to finding more gems like this in the future!

Keep an eye on the other blog tomorrow for a few more Michigan-specific pickups.


  1. Great Yaz RC for only 25. My low grade Yaz rookie set me back more than that.

    1. Thanks--I can honestly say I didn't even consider not picking it up at that price.

  2. Nice vintage pick ups! You're doing me proud haha

    1. Thought you might like those--we'll make sure to hit up that guy again next time you're there. I saw a couple pretty nice Maris cards that I'm pretty sure you don't have.

  3. I'm still geeked about the Williams, I have so many memories with that card. And I have trouble getting his base cards from his playing days, especially his rookie. Thanks Bro, I owe you big.

    1. No problem, dude--it's actually on its way to you with a few other things. And yeah, I'm still pretty thrilled about the Yaz. Next time I'm definitely spending even more time there looking mainly for sweet vintage RCs I don't have. He's got about 2-3 monster boxes full of 90% off low-condition vintage stuff in those really thin flexible plastic holders, so there's definitely thousands to flip through.

  4. Oh yeah! The Yaz is pretty awesome too.