Sunday, January 22, 2012

Seeya in Indy

What has two thumbs and is going to Indy in two weeks?

THIS guy (Brady, not me, of course).  It was by no means Brady's best playoff game, and the Pats won largely thanks to their kicker, RBs and a surprisingly good defense, but that doesn't matter because New England will be facing the winner of the Giants and 49ers in the Super Bowl, and either matchup promises to be very exciting.  Either the Giants head to Indy for a rematch in which the Pats try to avenge their lost 19-0 season, or the 49ers, another team that knows a little something about winning, complete their stunning turnaround under first-year coach Jim Harbaugh.  I'm excited either way, and I hope many of you are as well.

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