Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dealing with the offseason blues with a new Freehan

It's been a busy week for me on the other blog due to lots of relevant incoming stuff, but I wanted to take a moment to post one card from that package that applies over here, especially for those not following that blog:
This is Bill Freehan's 2001 Topps Archives reprint autograph.  It's one I've wanted for quite some time, and it was on my singles/player wantlist for that very reason.  Well, one of the two sellers from whom I purchased stuff on COMC has it, and despite his relatively steep asking price, my overall total was reasonable enough that I felt I could treat myself to a card I'd wanted so much.

It bugs me a bit that Topps blew up his part of the four-player RC, seen here,
because that doesn't really make it a reprint, now, does it?  Other than that, it's a fun idea having a player sign a reprint of his RC, and at that time, Bill's autograph was one of the better ones you could get since it's fairly legible compared to many of today's stars who basically sign their initials.

I didn't pick up a lot of baseball stuff in my latest bunch of acquisitions, but this is a Tigers card that sort of helps break up the doldrums of the off-season before spring training starts next month.  It's also my fourth overall Freehan autograph and second Topps reprint signature.


  1. That is a weird reprint, but what a great auto!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, they did that with a few they reprinted like this, hence yet another use of my "Topps is dumb" tag. Always nice to get another Freehan auto though.