Monday, November 14, 2011

Re(gar)ding rainbows

Yeah, I went there

Apparently good things happen when you get off your lazy ass and work on stuff you've been putting off for a while.  As you'll recall from a few posts ago, I finally put together a wantlist for my Rich Hill 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes rainbow.  I then posted that list on Blowout and proceeded to make three deals for four cards, leaving me with 13 on the wantlist.  Three of those four arrived today, and the last should show up within a couple days.  For now, here's the three that showed up today:
Jersey Autograph Light Blue
I got this one along with the third in this post for a fairly nice price considering how relatively rare the two are.  This one interests me because when I was first figuring out a checklist for these, this version didn't show up in Beckett's OPG system, and it still doesn't, actually.  But when I saw it on SportLots, I knew it actually existed, and of course a seller on Blowout ultimately confirmed that by selling it to me.  The light blue versions look pretty nice, but considering Chicago's team colors, I think you'll agree the third one today looks even better.

Patch Light Blue
This is my second card with a patch, and both look fantastic, featuring very American Red/White/Blue patches and lots of stitching, unlike many "patches" you'll see in Topps' and Panini's products.  Numbered to 25, this is my second-rarest card in the rainbow so far, second only to...

Jersey Autograph Navy Blue
This guy.  When I considered that I'd be getting cards numbered to 75 and 10 from one person, for under $25 no less, I jumped at the offer.  After all, I'm getting to the point where, other than a jersey numbered to 200, everything I still need is numbered to 100 or less.  The Navy Blue versions are probably the best of the bunch for the Cubs and their team colors, and I think you'll tend to agree with me after seeing this scan.

Stay tuned for at least one more Hill rainbow card shortly!


  1. Nice! That patch is pretty sick, and I love Hill's autograph....very elegant.

  2. Ooo beautiful patch. And I love that these all have stripes too, nice groupings.

    Also I second Greg's comment on the auto..that's why I still have a few Hills of my own lol.

    And last but not least...hells yeah Reading Rainbow haha.