Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Continuing the NBC Thursday Night Lineup Theme...

Annie's Boobs:

As promised to Greg, I present to you Annie's Boobs:

Trade with 30 Rock Dollar a Week Habit:

File this under yet ANOTHER trade I completed and promptly forgot about, to my amazement when I popped my mailbox open today.  Robert from $30 a Week Habit let me know that he had a cool hit for my PC, and all he really wanted in return was some Blue Jays stuff and some fodder for his pretty sweet Serial-Numbered Insanity project.  No problem for me--I had a bunch of those to offload for something I wanted.  Here's what he sent my way:

Brian Griese number five for me, a 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game ball.  This is my first game ball relic of Griese, which kind of makes sense since those aren't as prolific as jerseys these days.  This is a sweet hit of the championship-winning QB and becomes Michigan football PC hit number 379 for me.  I can't wait to see if I can get to 400 by January.

A Lion and a Tiger, but after Sunday's performance, fortunately there wasn't a bear in sight. (unless you count Griese, I guess)  Best is, of course, a RC, and Jackson is super sparkly.  Robert also threw in a few more Tigers for that PC.

And a couple trade bait cards to round out the package--Aaron Rodgers 2005 Topps Heritage SP #344 and Adrian Peterson 2007 Bowman RC.  Both are up for grabs so please feel free to make an offer.

Thanks for a great deal, Robert, and if I come across more serial-numbered stuff for you, rest assured it'll be headed your way directly.


While I was digging around the youtubes for the Reading Rainbow theme for this post, I found this gem from one of the best ever episodes of Community:

That really doesn't have anything to do with anything other than I have another addition to the Rich Hill rainbow, possible the last for a little while as things get harder to find:
Here we have Hill's 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Autographs Charcoal version, #d 003/100.  For a measly $4 delivered via Blowout--cheaper than anywhere I could find when you take shipping into account--I picked up my 17th card out of the 30 that comprise the rainbow.  Only 13 more to go!  Then again, the average print run of those is a harrowing 43, and only 30 when you take out the relatively abundant Jersey Light Blue, numbered to 200.  But I won't give up, and I hope some of you will selflessly offer some help finding these down the line!

Manager of the Year, but not Assistant Manager of the Year or even Assistant TO the Manager of the Year:

I had to get an Office reference in here too.  Today's a day to celebrate if you're a Tigers fan, and I guess if you root for the Diamondbacks you can join in too:  Kirk Gibson was named the NL Manager of the Year.  Every article boils the achievement down to one main factor in the form of a cliched phrase:  "worst-to-first."  Gibby impressively turned around a bad team from last year which in 2011 went on to win its division handily and push the Brewers to the brink in the NLDS.  The fiercely competitive former Tiger has always found a way to succeed at whatever he pursues so this was another case of one of our state's own doing us proud.  Way to be, Gibby!  And may he replace the Ron Zook of the American League sooner rather than later.

Did I have you going, Greg?:

To increase page hits and reward all of you who read this far, I give you Annie's boobs fo' reals:


  1. I will have a couple to add to that rainbow set, plus I knocked out a major pc hit in the bundle I got. Ohh yeah thanks for the pictures at the end. It made taking a break from a research paper worth it.

  2. Oh dear God. I think I need a minute. Wait, were there baseball cards in this post?

  3. It's a good day for me when a trade post that I'm involved in goes along with breasts, paddles, and....oh ya cards!

    Thanks for the trade Dennis, much appreciated