Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Card show report: 11/27: a No Relics Rainbow

Dustin (No Relics Pulled) and I hit up another of the monthly Gibraltar Trade Center (Taylor, MI) card shows this past Sunday, and I'll get to my pickups in a couple future posts, but first I wanted to show off the goods he brought along to complete our most recent ongoing trade.  (Side note:  in-person trading is the best and I wish I could do it more often, but I've been lucky to be able to meet with both Dustin and Jeff at least once, so that's a plus)  

So to even us up this time, Dustin put in some time on COMC and, aside from getting some exciting stuff for himself that I can't wait to see, made excellent use of my singles wantlist page and went at it with a vengeance like his name was John McClane.  The results?:

Bill Freehan 1964 Topps
Bill Freehan 1966 Topps

Bill Freehan 1974 Topps
Bill Freehan 1968 Topps Game

Bill Freehan 1975 Topps
That's a whopping FIVE cards I needed for my Freehan player collection, meaning I'm down to just eight.  This group is interesting because it includes what are now my oldest (1964) and most recent (1975) of the collecting.  The '64 is my favorite since it's his second-year card (I can almost taste that RC!) although the '75 is a lot of fun due to its signature colorfulness and having a ton of years of stats on the back.  Despite looking around at shows I haven't seen a ton of Freehan that I need recently so getting these five was a huge help; I may follow Dustin's example and just snap up the rest of them online.
Rich Hill 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Autographs Black
Rich Hill 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Jersey Blue
Dustin mentioned that he had some help for me on the Hill rainbow, too, and he definitely delivered with this pair #d out of 50. (12 on the auto, 02 on the jersey)  The autograph is especially great as the red ink stands out on the black background.  I now stand at 11 cards left to get, and at least a couple of those are reasonably attainable.  Still, not including the Light Blue jersey #d to 200, the average numbering left is 26, so we'll see how that goes.  In the meantime, I can enjoy these as well as...
Rich Hill 2007 Sweet Spot Signatures Black Glove Leather Silver Ink
...this bad boy, my favorite of the whole lot.  Dustin was nice enough to grab me something besides the PC/rainbow stuff from my singles/player wantlist and this was the result.  I already had a gold ball and Red Stitch/Blue Ink version from the set, but this one definitely blows those out of the water, especially as far as manu-autos go.  Topps can go to hell with their horrible leather manubominations while Upper Deck goes and does something right with these.  That's my 30th different Rich Hill, by the way, putting him close to some of the football players in my PC.

Rich Hill 2006 Topps autograph
Dustin got one more card for me in a bundle deal with other stuff he picked up, but as it turns out, I already have it, so this 2006 Topps Hill auto is now part of my Wolverines trade bait, though I won't be such a hard-ass about having to trade it only for other Michigan stuff--if you're a Hill or Cubs fan, hit me up and we'll make a deal!

This turned out to be another great haul from one of my favorite traders and I'm already looking forward to our next deal.  Thanks again, Dustin!

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