Saturday, October 1, 2011

Michigan gameday: vs. Minnesota; plus Tigers game 1 (STILL?!)

New York is unfamiliar with this thing they call a "weather forecast":

Thanks to a ton of rain last night, game one of the Tigers-Yankees ALDS series was halted after the top of the second with the score tied at 1.  That was really a shame because both teams had their #1 pitchers going for those brief 1 1/2 innings.  Hopefully the weather cooperates today (and hopefully it's warmer than it is here, sheesh) and we get the rest of the game in so the series can continue with minimal interruption.  Go Tigers!

Let's Go Blue:

Michigan plays a terrible Minnesota team in what will hopefully be the blowout Wolverines fans have been waiting for so the backups get some snaps.  Not too much to say about today's game other than to mention the historic trophy that goes with it:  the Little Brown Jug.  Hit the link to read up on it if you're interested.  Otherwise, please to enjoy the following--the trophy's namesake song and a look at one of the most memorable games in its history, the epic 2003 Michigan comeback:

As always, LET'S GO BLUE!

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