Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trade post Tuesday with Hiflew

Johnny/Hiflew (Cards From the Quarry) and I agreed to a trade at some point recently, that much I'm sure of, because I vaguely remember sending him stuff, and he reciprocated by sending stuff back that arrived to me today:

First up is this JJ Putz 2008 Topps Heritage Chrome parallel.  Compared to some of Michigan's recent baseball alumni, JJ's had a pretty nice career (plus he's still kicking ass for me on my fantasy team this year).  As far as non-hits go (I do collect those too!) this is a super addition to my Michigan baseball PC.  Topps Heritage is pretty reliably a beautiful set, and that plus Chrome equals awesome.  As usual, these are numbered (this one's a difficult-to-read 0962/1959).  I think this is part of what started this deal because I remember asking Johnny about it a while ago.

Next is this Chris Perry 2004 SAGE HIT Silver auto.  Perry was a beast of a running back and a Heisman finalist at Michigan, and here we have a great shot of him determined to pick up a big gain in a game or practice (or at the park, in his full uniform for some reason).    Welcome home, Chris Perry #13.

Finally, Johnny sent over a David Terrell 2001 SPx Winning Materials ball/jersey.  The older football versions of these often turned out more interesting than their baseball counterparts, and I think this is a great example.  In this football set we get a couple small swatches, but one's a non-white jersey, and the other is a ball, which I feel, without any facts to back it up, is rarer than a bat card when it comes to baseball relic stuff.  For comparison's sake, here's what I'm talking about in an example from the same year:
I love my Ripken relics, but the Terrell is hands down much better in my opinion.  (Did you notice how I both explained which one I preferred and detailed why, Chris Olds?)  Rounding out the card are a nice action shot of Terrell plus one of my favorites--serial numbering (105/750).  Just curious, do you people prefer serial numbering on the front or back?  It doesn't make a huge difference to me, but in general I like it on the back because I like the front to have enough going for it that it doesn't need numbering to improve it.  Anyway, that's David Terrell #26 for me.

Three quality Wolverines PC additions equal a great trade package for me, plus I'm pretty sure I dumped my unwanted Rockies on Johnny, so this deal was even better for me, but hopefully a win-win overall.  Thanks for an awesome third trade, Johnny!

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