Saturday, August 27, 2011

I haven't seen this many Calvins since the Reformation

I'll just cut to the chase:  this here card was in my mailbox today:
That's a 2008 Sweet Spot Red Stitch/Blue Ink auto of the Iron Man, which doubles my current total of Cal autographs.  No offense to the awesome one Beardy sold to me recently, but this one's my favorite of the two because I've always been a fan of the Sweet Spot Signatures that look like this, mainly because it's the next best thing to having an actual ball signed.
I got what I considered a very nice deal on this through Blowout (of course) in paying quite a bit less than what I was finding on eBay, so naturally I had to jump on it.  
For those of you who are interested (which I hope is a couple of you since at least I'm not posting a bunch of new Michigan PC stuff today) this goes along with four jerseys (including a dual with Gwynn), a manupatch, a bat/jersey and a bat.  All can be found as always in my Ripken favorites collection.  Hooray for sick PC autographs of your favorite player ever!