Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blowout purchase mad libs

Hi everybody,

Last week I bought a bunch of stuff from Blowout and one of those packages arrived in my mailbox today.  This time I got a nice deal on a pair of Michigan autos of a couple of my favorite players:

Here we have a Braylon Edwards 2005 Topps Rookie Premiere auto.  I like this card a lot because Braylon is an awesome former Michigan star and I love autographs.  This is card number 29 of Bray-Bray and is a welcome addition to my collection.

Rounding out the small (but large as well, as you'll see in a moment) package was this 2008 Elite Jake Long 8x10 auto.  I was told that these were given out at the National (not sure which one, maybe 2008).  It's a shame that it's a bit scratched at the top (the yellow spot under the "O") but this is just a ridiculously awesome and unique card of one of the best tackles in Michigan history and it'll look great framed on my wall.  I now have 30 cards of Jake, which means he's tied with Chad Henne at the top of my PC, with Braylon behind by one card--very cool!

Considering how relatively rare these are, I feel like I did fairly well spending $30 for both.  I'm now up to 327 Michigan hits and counting, and you can bet I'll be right back to buying on Blowout as soon as I'm done with this post!

Ha, now that I have a template these posts will practically write themselves!


  1. good idea, I've actually been working on a mad libs idea that I am posting tonight.