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Personal collection rookies: unfunny caption edition

Part 1
Part 2

This third part of the series will likely be the finale, at least until I pile up a bunch more significant baseball RCs.  In this group you'll find a few more of my favorites that I had just lying around (again, not part of sets I'm building, or they're doubles, or whatever) but also, as promised, a bunch from sets I've completed or am working on.  As with the last post, the overall quality and significance of these dwindles a bit compared to #1 because that one pretty much featured my best stuff--mostly Hall-of-Famers and big time stars.  There's a couple like that in here, but mostly you'll get to see stars of the 80s and 90s, as that's a time period from which I own many sets.  Also, to mix things up a bit, I threw in some (un)funny captions.  Onwards!

I'm gonna carry this whole set, just watch
Albert Pujols 2001 Topps Traded:  I'm still proud of myself for building this set before it skyrocketed.  I love the look of the 2001s, and while most of the rookies from the set are uninspiring, this card alone makes it worth having.

Fine, I'll share this set with Ichiro, but I'll still be the best player in it
Albert Pujols 2001 Upper Deck:  This is a great looking card from a pretty nice set, but it's one of those that bugs me because it's so glossy that the cards always stick together in the set box they're in, and it's not like they're even crammed in there.  You'll see Pujols' co-star from this set in a bit.

Andy + Roger = BFF 4eva!
Andy Pettitte 1993 Bowman:  I'm no Pettitte fan but I respect the guy as an excellent pitcher and rare non-douchey Yankee.  Also, besides Jeter he's really the only other significant rookie in this set.

This hat looks stupid but at least my head fits in it
Barry Bonds 1987 Donruss:  As before, you don't like me and I definitely don't like you, so let's get this over with.

Sure you don't want me to pose in front of a section that has more people in it?  Ok, whatever...
Barry Larkin 1987 Donruss:  I finally thought to include one of my favorite Wolverine MLBers here, which is good since 1987 is pretty well represented (and that's leaving out guys like Palmeiro and Bo Jackson, not to mention others).

Why do I have woodgrainvision right now?
Barry Larkin 1987 Topps:  Seriously, that was a pretty nice crop of rookies that year.  Can you believe next year will be 25 years since this set was made?  No matter how much the population explodes by then, there'll still be enough of these cards around for every person to have two sets each.

"I'm goofier."  "Well I'M more injury-prone."
Barry Zito/Ben Sheets 2000 Topps:  I already covered the Chrome version, so I thought this time I would throw in the non-Chrome version this time.  One of the better recent multi-player RCs, really, in terms of the subjects--a lot of times neither/none of the guys even sniffs AAA.

Is that a cheeseburger I see in the distance?  Man, I hope that's a cheeseburger
CC Sabathia 1999 Bowman's Best:  I wish he wasn't winning games for the Yanks, but in the end I can't argue making as much money as possible to pay for the copious amounts of food you eat every day.

If I come up with a catchy enough nickname maybe they'll stop calling me "Larry"
Chipper Jones 1991 Bowman:  Another good player from this solid set, and realistically he's probably the best, other than maybe Thome.

Hmmm, second base, that looks interesting, maybe I'll try that
Craig Biggio 1989 Donruss:  Here comes the Biggio parade!

I are serious Biggio.  This is serious card.
Craig Biggio 1989 Fleer:  Not 89 Upper Deck, and not an attractive design at all, but how can you go wrong with a Biggio rookie?

Hmmm, catching, that looks interesting, maybe I'll try that
Craig Biggio 1989 Topps:  I couldn't exclude this even though '89 Topps is one of the worst sets ever (pretty much along with any mid-late 80s Topps set).

When I grow up I'm going to be on everybody's fantasy team!
David Ortiz 1997 Fleer:  Yeah, yeah, everybody knows he changed his name and used to play for the Twins.  More importantly, this is from one of the best base sets ever, a rare feat for Fleer.

So, you're just gonna take the two pictures, then?  That's it?
David Ortiz 1997 Ultra:  I don't like it nearly as much as the Fleers, but '97 Ultra has a cool look to it.  He's about the only interesting rookie in the set, though.

Surely I'll be the one to turn this loser franchise around!
David Wright 2002 Bowman:  This set's rookie class used to look impressive but it's dimmed a bit.  There's still plenty of time for Mauer and Wright to get back on track and for Liriano to gain some momentum from his no-no.

Minka Kelly is only 13 right now, but trust me, she's gonna be HOT
Derek Jeter 1993 Bowman:  I'd rather have seen him play for Michigan, but it's obvious he made the right decision, and that's why he's the undisputed king of this set.

I can't wait to pitch for some terrible Mariners teams!
Felix Hernandez 2004 Bowman:  Speaking of Kings, and the best rookies in sets...

Maybe if they clone me we'll win more games...
Felix Hernandez 2004 Topps Chrome Traded:  How long til he's winning games for the Yankees?

Felix Hernandez 2004 Topps Traded:  I'm lucky to have a few copies of this non-Chrome version.

They call me "Big Hurt" because that's what I do to people who make fun of the ridiculous logo on my hat
Frank Thomas 1990 Bowman:  Not a big-time RC year anymore (screw you, Juan Gonzalez and Sammy Sosa) but I'd take Thomas anyway.

LOL why am I 20,000 feet in the air?
Frank Thomas 1990 Score:  I've always kind of liked this set for some reason, maybe because of the way it's broken into color groups that look cool when you have the complete set.

This Sidney Crosby mustache doesn't make me look stupid at all...wait, who's Sidney Crosby?
Greg Maddux 1987 Donruss:  Seriously, that's a ridiculous mustache.  I love when the Rated Rookies end up being stars.

::Hilarious, extremely dirty phrase that my American teammates taught me::
Ichiro 2001 Topps:  The best card in a great looking set.  Did you know this is his rookie card?  Because IT'S HIS ROOKIE CARD.  Thanks, Topps.

How much you wanna bet this was a hit?  I get a lot of those.
Ichiro 2001 Upper Deck:  Pujols and Ichiro make one of the greatest 1-2 punches ever in a pretty nice set.

It's a shame I won't be playing for the Red Sox now, they're sure to be way better now that they've got that Larry Andersen guy.
Jeff Bagwell 1991 Upper Deck:  I knew I had at least one other Bagwell RC I could include.  It's not like I wanted to spare you from the ugly-ass old-school Astros unis.

Long Griffey card is looooooooong
Ken Griffey Jr. 1989 Bowman:  I really could have done without the weird sizing they went with, and it's not the prettiest set in the world, but I got a box of these for like $3 and didn't have to spend much to finish the set which, at least, includes this RC.

Wait, this isn't for Upper Deck?  No way in hell I'm smiling.
Ken Griffey Jr. 1989 Fleer:  I think Griffey and I agree on the quality of this set.

Look to my left and stare at something?  You got it, Mr. Photographer.
Mark McGwire 1987 Donruss:  Another Rated Rookie that actually amounted to something, even if it was pretty much home runs and nothing else.

I'm not here to talk about wood-paneled borders.
Mark McGwire 1987 Topps:  Remember that time he hit 49 homers as a rookie?  Man, that was awesome and not sketchy at all!

I hope I win lots of games but get shown the door unceremoniously by my asshole owner!
Mike Mussina 1991 Score:  I had to keep the Moose RCs coming--the guy was one of my favorite 90s pitchers!

Who farted, y'all?
Randy Johnson 1989 Donruss:   And we close with the Randy Johnson RC parade, since I neglected to include him in the prior episodes.  Another Rated Rookie winner.

That's right, when people think Montreal Expos, they'll think Randy Johnson!
Randy Johnson 1989 Fleer:  Man I'm glad he didn't stick with the Expos--with no apologies to Montreal.

You do your thing, I'm gonna look over there.
Randy Johnson 1989 Topps:  Fun fact:  there are more 1989 Topps cards than there are stars in the sky.

I am slightly happy to be part of this landmark set.  What, can't you tell by my mustache?
Randy Johnson 1989 Upper Deck:  One of the last cards I needed to complete my '89 UD set was pretty much the best left (since I already had Griffey).

Great, now I've gotta find something else to blog about.  Please let me know what you thought of this more junk waxy edition of my RC collection (which put the group at over 100!).

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  1. As a Mariners fan it's hard to watch someone as talented as Felix pitch day in and day out with no run support. I know one day the Dark Side will come calling, but until then I'll enjoy his 11 so games with only 1 run on the score board.