Saturday, July 2, 2011

More retail stuff from Meijer

Please forgive me as I begin lots of my posts with "I was at Meijer getting something else and decided to grab some cards..." but, yeah, that's exactly what I did today.  Specifically, I saw one surprisingly unpurchased 2011 Bowman rack pack and four more 2008 UD Heroes blasters (again for $7.50 a pop).

The blasters treated me a bit better this time as I pulled the following:
Numbered parallels of Hamels and Webb were a nice start, then the Sheets was a nice addition, but the best was the Harang #d 039/125.  I even pulled the base Rich Hill this time!  I also snagged eight more Yankee Stadium Legacy cards, including A-Rod and Babe Ruth, which gives me a growing pile of stuff to send BA Benny's way.  All four above are up for grabs anytime, though.
I'll be creating a wantlist for this shortly, and I should have a bunch of dupes available (plus almost all of my Blacks since I'm not collecting those) so hopefully I can get some trading done on these.

The lone Bowman rack pack was more lucrative, as you'll see here:
I first flipped to the Verlander, which I was excited about (#d to 500, which is nice), and the CarGo was a nice bonus (probably headed to Hiflew with some other stuff), but what made me laugh--mainly because I was shooting for the Base Prospects version of it--was that I pulled the Chrome Bryce Harper.  I just got one of these in a great trade with Derek of Tomahawk Chopping and now I have another to do with what I please.  Right now I think my plan is to try to flip it in a deal for the Base Harper and his Bowman's Best, which I still need.  Anyway, a pack well worth my $5.


  1. Sweet the Green CarGo...I already have the base gold and blue in my VERY minimal Bowman cards from this year.