Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just say "NO" to Blue Jays

Well, we're gonna need another one of these guys, just replace "Brewers" with "Blue Jays".  Congratulations to TMG pitching favorite Justin Verlander, who no-hit Toronto this afternoon for the second Detroit no-hitter in two seasons.  A big tip of the hat to Verlander for pitching his second career no-hitter (those Nolan Ryan comparisons don't seem so crazy now, do they?), and a second hat tip for his major contribution to my fantasy team today.  There's been a few things to complain about in Detroit this year (did you notice the Tigers started winning when they finally brought up the 2B who SHOULD have been starting--Scott Sizemore--Jim Leyland?) but this is sure to be the highlight of another stellar season for Detroit's best pitcher since Jack Morris.  Way to go, dude! 

Here's this again, just because:

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