Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blowout Blowout, Jr.: May Edition

Edit:  you're not experiencing deja vu, I was fixing the tags on this post, re-published it, and now it exists in the future, or now, or whatever.  So enjoy it again or spend your time laughing at my Blogger failure, either way, everyone wins!

In lieu of a card show I'm not going to this weekend (and because my money's probably better spent this way anyway), I went on another small but productive BlowoutCards forum spree this past week.  Staying true to my general (and accidental) purchase ratio, I nabbed 11 PC cards and 13 for trade bait.  First up, the PC stuff:

Brandon Graham 2010 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures auto RC:  Brandon could become a great player if he can get healthy, stay healthy and get big enough to last in the pros.  All big ifs, but doable for a guy who WAS the defense at Michigan.  Also, dude--you've got a ton more sticker available to sign, no need to scrunch it in there.  Purchased along with the forthcoming Breaston for $8 dlvd.

Braylon Edwards 2007 Leaf Certified Mirror Red Materials jersey

Braylon Edwards 2008 Bowman Sterling jersey

Braylon Edwards 2008 SP Rooke Threads Flashback Fabrics dual jersey

Braylon Edwards 2009 Prestige Prestigious Pros jersey

That's four numbered Braylon Browns jerseys from the biggest lot of the three that I purchased.  A nice mix of swatches and designs.  Incidentally, these four tie Braylon with Chad Henne at 23 hits for #2 in my collection, despite the following card. 

Chad Henne 2008 Absolute Memorabilia RPM jersey-ball-jersey RC:  I picked this one up along with a forthcoming trade bait card for $6 dlvd.  I already have the autographed version that spells out "NFL", but that's a great looking football piece and I really, really like this set, so woo for more RPMs.

David Harris 2007 Leaf Limited auto RC
David Harris 2007 Topps Performance auto RC

David Harris 2007 Topps Performance Breakout auto

Three Harris autos was a nice get for me.  All came from the large lot of 20 for $50, which was stuffed with Jets because that's mostly what the guy had (and made for easy trade bait with BA Benny).  The two Performance autos put me up to four from that set, including the two I already had:  his Bronze auto RC and jersey/auto RC.  For those keeping track for some reason, I now have 10 Harris hits and all are autographed, one including a jersey and one co-featuring LaMarr Woodley.  I'm very happy with this collection so far.

Steve Breaston 2010 SPx Super Scripts auto:  Got this one along with the Graham for $8 dlvd.  Great shot of Stevie in a Michigan uni on a nice design.  In many ways, I'm happy UD was forced to go with college photos (big shock, I know).

Tim Jamison 2009 Upper Deck Draft Edition auto RC:  Player #42 in the PC was this guy, an undrafted Michigan DE featured in Draft Edition.  He's apparently with the Texans now, but more importantly, he was born in Riverdale, which at least I find funny.  I wonder if his teammates call him Jughead, especially after Michigan's dominance over Minnesota.

And now the part you probably all skipped down to:  the trade bait!  Sorry it's almost all BA Benny-type stuff, it's just that I know we're going to trade 10 more times before Tuesday and I wanted to load up, plus the guy had mostly Jets anyway.

  • Chansi Stuckey 2007 SP Authentic auto RC #0091/1199  (Pending:  GSNHOF)
  • Chansi Stuckey 2007 Press Pass Authentics auto (Pending:  GSNHOF)
  • Santana Moss 2003 Donruss Elite Masks of Steel facemask #365/400
  • D'Brickashaw Ferguson 2006 Bowman Signs of the Future auto
  • Leon Washington 2006 Absolute Memorabilia RPM jersey/ball/jersey RC #103/849
  • Marcus Henry 2008 Topps Letterman "R" (no auto) #4/6
  • Mark Clayton 2008 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Gold jersey or patch, black/gold, #4/25
  • Maurice Jones-Drew 2007 UD Premier Premier Stitchings logo patch #74/75
  • Ricky Williams 2002 Private Stock Reserve jersey
  • Ray Lucas 2000 Fleer Autographics auto (Pending:  GSNHOF)
  • D'Brickashaw Ferguson 2006 SAGE Hit auto
  • Kellen Clemens 2006 Gridiron Gear Gridiron Gems jersey/ball/jersey RC #24/50
  • DeWayne Robertson 2003 Absolute Memorabilia RPM ball/jersey #505/750
Everything else is most definitely available, though BA Benny will have some dibs because he's already acquired more stuff to send my way.  Please make some offers and I'll work with y'all on some trades.

Overall that was 24 cards for $64 dlvd:  the Graham and Breaston for $8, the Henne and Stuckey SP Authentic for $6 and the other 20 for $50.  That's about as well as I would have done at this weekend's show and I spent much less than I would have there.  Plus now I have yet more trade bait for all of you--win-win!


  1. That Breaston is SooHooWeeet! The rest are cool too.
    PS: Isn't it time for Oliver?

  2. Chansi!!!! They look great, thanks dude!

  3. Ooh ooh ooh! Jones-Drew! I have a few possible things I could send you for that.